February 2008

just thought i’d post the progress for today.  i also finished the first half of the mini iris.  planning to force myself to work on one of them tonight.  no games to watch, at least not with tom.  may find one on cable that i’m semi-interested in.  i usually watch hgtv, but i swear they keep running things i’ve seen – and some more than once!  hopefully david’s show will be a new one tonight.

i have this flower oriented properly this time.  not sure how the other one got turned around.  funny, this is my least favorite oleander color in real life, but i’m really likin’ this sample.   yep, it must be the spring-like look of it. ^_^  happy.

ole-2.jpgi will be adding a piece at the base of the sideways blossom and a center to the other one.  need to choose a yellow.  i drew the centers tiny ovals, but now i don’t  remember how they really look.  don’t want to wait till they bloom.  ^_^  maybe i can find a picture online??  see if i want to add some beads.

i haven’t forgotten the skinny stems ‘lesson’.  will get to it eventually.

there goes that sunset show again – already bright tangerine!

love and beauty


however slight it might be.  put two more stars together and watched a lot of golf.  huh?  well, yes – a couple weeks ago i discovered that watching golf had a very calming effect!  no violence – even that cleverly disguised as a ‘sport’.  i mean those pros rarely throw their clubs around!  they may, on rare occasion take a whack at the ground, i guess.  i mean after their swing at the ball. sooo, decided to give it another go today.  pebble beach, pro-am qualifying rounds going on.  my my, was it beautiful down there today – as it was here.  and, just think, i get to be in that area in june! (for the monterey quilt show)  how nice.

so, sewing was slow going – just kind of relaxed.  just now i have finished preparing to begin the oleander.  am trying out that new clover white pen/pencil – the one that is supposed to disappear with heat – from an iron, or even a hairdryer.  will see if it lasts thru the whole applique project.  will still have to do a vinyl overlay for placement of overlapping pieces.  i did cut the pieces of fabric i will need – estimated how much of each i will need to put into the kit.  i will do the sample using that same size – to make sure it’s enough.  i’m really liking the spring-like colors.  would love to finish both this one and the paperwhites before watsonville.  yes, and those pesky mini iris’s.  i’ll keep you posted.

i can see another fabulous sunset brewing out there.  is currently in the bright yellow, pale peach and light blue stage.  i will resist the urge to take more pictures – unless i can’t. ^_^

there will be a hockey game to watch tonight – so perhaps there will be dinner also.  last night we had both games, along with pizza (yum) – and both teams won exciting games! (as in the final few seconds or overtime!!)  and a good time was had by all. ^_^  and, yes – hockey and basketball are a couple of “those” sports.

love and beauty

ok, confession time.  i just have to admit that part of the reason i am having such a hard time working on those mini iris samples is – i’m a little tired of doing them.  i mean, i worked so hard and so steady to get the opportunity quilt done, and it was all iris!  now, trying to do the same ones over again so soon – not easy for me.  never do like doing something twice! 

however, i did get more than halfway thru the first half of the second one.  it is two blossoms, mirror imaged and i finished the worst of one.  i also decided to do something semi-radical – i’m going to fuse the third one – the one with THREE blossoms – and then combine the handsewn and fused ones in the sample for the kit for the wallhanging.  my ‘reason’ will be to show folks they can be done either way.  truth is, i’m just ready to move on to something else!

so, i did choose fabrics for the oleander.  i also used the copier to enlarge the drawing, just a tad.  it still fits within the 10″ circle i usually use, but some of the tiny pieces are just a little bigger.  and i’m going to use a dark green background, not black.  hey, it’s spring!  need to lighten up just a little. ^_^

now here’s a picture of the kind of other crazy thing i love to do – and what i did yesterday to avoid sewing.  no, the day before!  yesterday i cleared some stuff out of the garage!!  erv came over and brought the rest of the shelving and we put them up – yea!  turns out they are from the hardware store that closed not long after we moved here.  they are those two-sided metal ones and there is a piece of pegboard separating the two sides.  it can also be used with pegboard hooks.  i will probably only use the shelves on my side, but tom may want to hang stuff on his side??  i positioned them across the garage, to kind of section my part off – so told tom he could have the other side.

ok, back to the picture.  these are not “stack & wack”!!  i am not a fan of that process – too wasteful.  these are fussy cut.  some were sewn on the machine.  the current ones are being done by hand just cause i want to sit in my comforable chair and sew.  i have a vague idea of what i’m going to do with them – very vague.  my plan is to just keep making them until i’m ready to do something.  the 8 pointed ones are set with ‘corners’ to create a block.  the 6 pointed (& smaller) ones will be appliqued on.  somehow they will be combined.  somehow is the important word there – like i really don’t have a clue at the moment.  just plan to have some fun making them. ^_^

stars.jpgi’ll take a real close closeup another day.  this fabric was out a year (maybe 2?) ago.  bright colors and metallic.  3 or 4 colorways and 2 or 3 different designs.  i didn’t think quickly enough to get them all.  they do make lovely stars!

love and beauty

well i just couldn’t resist, so took 3 more sunset pictures just now.  i won’t  bore you with a lot of words – for today i will just post God’s work. ^_^

sunset-1-th.jpg    sunset2-th.jpg     sunset3-th.jpg

the last one was taken thru the (dirty) window.  yes, i did find out how to turn off the flash, thanks to my brother.

love and beauty!

as i was sitting here last evening, i happened to look out the window – and this is what i saw! (God settin’ the woods on fire) ^_^

sunset1.jpggrabbed the new camera and out i went!  tried it thru the window first, but not skilled enough to know how to quickly convert to non-automatic setting – which means, in full auto, the flash comes up when IT decides.  which only added glare from the glass. even outside there is some effect – you will notice the bush at the lower right.

hmm, i’m looking at the two pictures that got saved and the first one is very noticeably sharper – however, that one is huge, in data terms.  took forever to upload, etc.  so, i adjusted to make it easier for ya’ll.  i mean, it’s not a competition!  ^_^  just hope it still looks nice enough!

ok, back to it here.  need to be making some stitches.

love and beauty

i’ll bet some of you had trouble getting that last picture to download.  i think the new camera just makes ’em too ‘big’ – i couldn’t get it onto the webpage.  then i did some adjustment and it was fine.  i will certainly do that in the future when i put one on here.

ok, now i have stalled as long as i can – need to just buckle down and start on the second one.  i do have something to show for my time tho – have finished my tax input into quickbooks except for the mileage in the rv.  forgot all about that info when i picked up other things yesterday.  once i have that i can eliminate the last false profit showing up now!  then do the taxcut thing and file it online and i’m done.

love the sunshine today!  still chilly tho.  have you noticed that even when it still feels like winter, the birds sound like spring?  or is it just my imagination? ^_^

love and beauty

here’s the first new sample of one of the mini iris designs i’ll be publishing soon – once the sample are done.  hoping to get 3 of them done before the next show – at least.  going to do the single, double & triple – this being the single. (these are some of the new ones i did for the opportunity quilt) then see if i can get them into one piece like the three ginko’s, and put together a kit.    this photo is taken with the new camera- which i finally got brave and installed the software for on this computer.

iris-single.jpgwell, that didn’t work too well.  i have probably distorted this picture trying to get it smaller.  not sure howcome i somtimes don’t get a ‘thumbnail’ version when i upload.

the other brave thing i did was to give away the new computer i had never fired up!!  it has been sitting here since last march – yes, nearly a whole year!!  just too busy and was afraid to risk moving the business stuff over to it.  you know, computer projects are pretty much like plumbing projects – NEVER as simple as first imagined/advertised, etc etc.  the hassle i went thru when i moved everything down here taught me a very valuable lesson in that category.  yes, it also showed me i still have a brain that works well, and i figured most everything out on my own.  and it took way longer (days!!) than planned. not to mention some different hardware, etc etc etc.  since then, not had that kind of time to spare.  so, am still operating with the tv sitting where the monitor should be and the monitor off to my left.  gotten kinda used to it. ^_^

so, tom’s computer has been slowly dying – the kids (teens) just about ruined it – and it probably has some kind of virus, etc etc.  i just decided to give him my new one – no sense having it sit here for several more months!!  so that’s how he has spent his day – moving only the files he wants from one to the other.  and now maybe they can use the new webcam candace’s mom gave them.  hope so.  for sure they will have sound again.  and a cd drive that works.  and i have just a tad more storage space. life is good! ^_^

whoa!!  just let mr pepe out again and that sleet/popcorn snow that was falling a moment ago has now covered the ground!  can you believe it – there was lovely sunshine, and orange clouds dotting a blue sky as the sun went down!  these foothills are something!!

love and beauty

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