March 2008

the next two ‘simple’ flowers are sorta done.  the framing overlay is not yet on, but the flowers are done.  i am not so happy with the tulip.  the design is fine – it’s the fabrics i’m not satisfied with.  been trying to use what i have – especially when i have a whole bolt!  such was the case for the red.  i really wanted red tulips, but it is very difficult to find 4 different reds that don’t clash – and with two of them having some shine or gold.  i mean, would be a tough task in a store with hundred or thousands of bolts!!  so, the flowers may get ripped off and become pink.  easier to find pinks like i want, i think.

it’s not the color that is the problem.  it’s the lack of contrast between the 6 different petals.  i mean, if ya go to all the work of sewing six different tiny-ish pieces, ya kinda want it to be more obvious!  and – the one with the gold is NOT a good one for applique – weave is much to loose.  that would be ok except for the very last piece that goes on – the turned over part of the largest petal.  it has a tiny sharp point with an even tinier inside curve next to it.  i managed to make the fabric ‘do it’, but not so sure i want to put my customers to that kind of test! (those who purchase kits)

the daffodils could probably use a little more contrast as well, but those petals are distinct enough to get by with what i used.  and i will admit that main yellow looked so much brighter before it was sewn on!  funny thing what happens when you go to tiny pieces.

tulip.jpg     daffodil.jpg

the main goal at this point is to get them finished and sewn together with the other two and the wallhanging ready for display in the booth!

love and beauty

it was a busy week!  and somehow i survived again.

the talk went very well, got them to laugh and that’s always a good sign!  also received some compliments after. yea!  and the class seemed to be a hugh success!  there were about 20, and they did seem more than well-pleased!  got lots and lots of thank-you’s! ^_^  and everyone did really well.  and said they had learned a lot.  that is the goal, those two things!  for me it was just tough getting up at 5:00am two days straight and driving nearly an hour in the morning traffic.  it was wonderful to have wade there for the talk as he hauled it all in and back out!  that way i could just concentrate on getting the samples up and the patterns/kits out.  way easier than doing to all myself!

so, betwen the show and that  gig – i am breathing a little easier.  now i can put my full attention on creating!  and today i think i will see if i can get a tulip drawn – for the new series.  i will also spend a little time outside since we are having picture-perfect weather right now!

so, here’s a picture of last year’s blossoms.  looks like there are as many coming on again.  lovely!  and Happy Easter!!


love and beauty

nothing to do with sewing this time – just my taxes!!  what a relief. 

also, i managed to get myself together for the trunk show tomorrow.  tried to make it as painless as possible – at least the hauling in of all the stuff for sales.  the quilts all go into an old trunk, and i went thru all of those to make sure they are in the right order.  also took the one off the bedroom wall – sure lookin bare in there!   anyway, the hard part is getting the samples displayed and at least some product out to sell.  decided not to take every pattern this time – and only a small number of each.  so, have total tub number down to just a couple large and a couple small.  wade is going with me, that will be a huge help.  the guild lady said she was perfectly willing and able to help me take it all in.  i had already enrolled wade and think it will be best if he does the hauling and she helps me hang the samples (after getting the two quilt racks setup, etc).  also must take the register and cc equipment.  and so you see how it just kinda gets to be a lot!

found out there are 21 people enrolled in the class – which happens the next day.  i’m impressed!  it’s not a large guild, only about 100 people!  lots of lovers of applique, i guess!  that’s a good thing!

and that’s the news for today.  haven’t taken any pictures lately, sorry.  guess it’s a little boring just reading.  maybe i can find one just for fun.

Hi there! ^_^sophie2.jpg

love and beauty

yea!  a good show!  and much appreciated, by me and my ‘creditors’. ^_^

can’t say the two new ones did all that well.  people still seem a bit intimidated.  and i was surprised at the number of people, once again, who seemed to be seeing me for the first time.  i have done that show twice before, tho not last year.  and others not all that far away.  i keep thinking everyone has already seen me at least once.  not so.  and that’s a good thing!!

i did something i just don’t do these days – i rented a motel room on sat night.  i realized as i drove the two hours home after setup friday night, that i just didn’t want to do that again the next day.  especially since setup was so late and i didn’t get home until after 9:30!  and then there was a game to watch.  can you believe they had the nerve to lose after tom waited for me and i drove home, etc etc.!!  and then they won the next night when i didn’t even get to see it.  dang!  so, i rationalized the cost of the hotel with saving a round trip in gas.  plus, since wade couldn’t come with me on sunday, i saved the 10% of gross for the day.  so, even with dinner, i think i broke even and was a lot less whipped yesterday.  course that meant i had to do teardown alone.  like what else is new????  not like the first time!!  took the normal 2 hours, so i was home by 8:00.  and here i am – feeling tired still.

just put on the required pot of corned beef and will add potatoes in a bit and then cabbage at the last few minutes.  oh, putting in green beans for everyone else.  maybe wade will eat cabbage – probably no one else.

happy st patrick’s day!!

love and beauty

just a quickie here, to post the picture of the finished ‘baby’ iris.  have much work to do today to be ready for tomorrow.  the paper white pattern is going to the printer today, along with this iris one – so i really need to finish that sample as well.  and the list i am looking at has several more items that must be completed by 12:30 tomorrow when i pick up erv and head on down the road!

so, here’s the picture ^_^baby-iris72.jpg

love and beauty

well, i went to work on that little blue iris that was in the opportunity quilt.  it is now slightly larger, and easier!  i also added more leaves and a ‘spent’ blossom.  it is officially the first in my new medium size series – as in 8″ circles instead of 6″ or 10″.  i’m thinking the finished block will be 12″. (or whatever you choose)  my goal is to finish the first four pretty quickly and put them together for a wallhanging/collection.  plan to begin those paperwhites today – since they are already drawn.  i also have a (preliminary) daffodil drawing from a few years ago, and will also do a tulip.  then?  who knows what might show up on my drawing pad. ^_^  also planning to keep them simpler than the other florals – still detailed, but larger blossoms and just one – three, i think.  ya just never know.

baby-iris.jpg  i got a little up-close with this one, so you can actually see the weave in the fabric, i think.  not the final picture, so ok for now.  stay tuned. ^_^

oh, hope you remembered to “srping forward” last night! ^_^

love and beauty

why am i so resisting finishing those cats so it can be sent to fons and porter for review for their magazine??  i mean – i even just cleaned house – as in ran the vacuum!!!  now that is some serious avoidance!  ok, so i used the excuse that i really did have to clear my space a little, that the clutter and dirt were part of what’s keeping me stuck, etc.  that is probably very true.  and i must admit it feels much better in here – even with the small amount of cleaning and clearing i did!  i have to say, i have never lived in such a dirty place – no, i don’t mean i’ve never been this lazy about cleaning.  it’s just that around here there is so much dust – i’ve just never experienced this level of dust/dirt accumulation before.  add to that the multitude of spiders who seem to prefer in here to out there, and the unbelievable amount of hair from both cat and dog (not to mention i now have long hair).  well – you get the picture!!  so, i am back to minimum acceptable for a little while.  now, if i could get myself to do it again within a week or so and expand on the area – that would be great.  don’t count on it!!  never seems to happen that way.

so, now i will do my best to do SOMEthing productive today.  have another two new designs i’d like to have finished by the next show.  plan to do them in an 8″ circle, which would be a whole new ‘series’ (right now everything is either in a 10″, or a mini, which is 6″).  i have paperwhites drawn and plan to use that more realistic single iris from the opp quilt.  (enlarged a bit.  way too hard as is)  i’ll let you know tomorrow how i did. ^_^

must admit i feel more like doing this. ^_^newpepe.jpg

love and beauty

sure wish i could say the show was a roaring success – just wasn’t, for me.  i think their attendance was good.  i’m just kinda tired of hearing how people must ‘finish what they already have before. . . . “!  doesn’t seem to stop them from purchasing fabric, tho.  guess i’m just like the housing market these days – having a little ‘slump’. ^_^  ahh, this too shall pass.  OR, some other way to market my wares will show up.

one good thing, will most certainly be getting a teaching gig from having been there.  at a new shop in oakdale, which is right outside yosemite.  now that could be a nice little mini vacation with pay!! ^_^

there was also a man there from oregon who was selling t-shirts for the guild.  i have been thinking about doing t-shirts with my designs on them for a long time.  his method certainly looks easier than doing it myself and it’s better/cheaper/more versatile than having them done with silkscreening.  pretty sure i’m gonna give it a try.  you will be able to purchase them in the booth or on my website using a link that takes you to his site and direct ordering from him – that way i don’t have to buy a huge quantity either!  yea!

just had to include this happy picture for you.  i know it’s still icy cold in some areas, not quite toasty here either, but mild and sunny.  in order to pick these, i had to climb part way down the steep hill, thru brambles and burrs and praying i wouldn’t tumble!  not as many down there this year.  i think the big tree that fell is resting on some.  too bad.

img_0826.jpg  happy spring ^_^