sure wish i could say the show was a roaring success – just wasn’t, for me.  i think their attendance was good.  i’m just kinda tired of hearing how people must ‘finish what they already have before. . . . “!  doesn’t seem to stop them from purchasing fabric, tho.  guess i’m just like the housing market these days – having a little ‘slump’. ^_^  ahh, this too shall pass.  OR, some other way to market my wares will show up.

one good thing, will most certainly be getting a teaching gig from having been there.  at a new shop in oakdale, which is right outside yosemite.  now that could be a nice little mini vacation with pay!! ^_^

there was also a man there from oregon who was selling t-shirts for the guild.  i have been thinking about doing t-shirts with my designs on them for a long time.  his method certainly looks easier than doing it myself and it’s better/cheaper/more versatile than having them done with silkscreening.  pretty sure i’m gonna give it a try.  you will be able to purchase them in the booth or on my website using a link that takes you to his site and direct ordering from him – that way i don’t have to buy a huge quantity either!  yea!

just had to include this happy picture for you.  i know it’s still icy cold in some areas, not quite toasty here either, but mild and sunny.  in order to pick these, i had to climb part way down the steep hill, thru brambles and burrs and praying i wouldn’t tumble!  not as many down there this year.  i think the big tree that fell is resting on some.  too bad.

img_0826.jpg  happy spring ^_^