why am i so resisting finishing those cats so it can be sent to fons and porter for review for their magazine??  i mean – i even just cleaned house – as in ran the vacuum!!!  now that is some serious avoidance!  ok, so i used the excuse that i really did have to clear my space a little, that the clutter and dirt were part of what’s keeping me stuck, etc.  that is probably very true.  and i must admit it feels much better in here – even with the small amount of cleaning and clearing i did!  i have to say, i have never lived in such a dirty place – no, i don’t mean i’ve never been this lazy about cleaning.  it’s just that around here there is so much dust – i’ve just never experienced this level of dust/dirt accumulation before.  add to that the multitude of spiders who seem to prefer in here to out there, and the unbelievable amount of hair from both cat and dog (not to mention i now have long hair).  well – you get the picture!!  so, i am back to minimum acceptable for a little while.  now, if i could get myself to do it again within a week or so and expand on the area – that would be great.  don’t count on it!!  never seems to happen that way.

so, now i will do my best to do SOMEthing productive today.  have another two new designs i’d like to have finished by the next show.  plan to do them in an 8″ circle, which would be a whole new ‘series’ (right now everything is either in a 10″, or a mini, which is 6″).  i have paperwhites drawn and plan to use that more realistic single iris from the opp quilt.  (enlarged a bit.  way too hard as is)  i’ll let you know tomorrow how i did. ^_^

must admit i feel more like doing this. ^_^newpepe.jpg

love and beauty