yea!  a good show!  and much appreciated, by me and my ‘creditors’. ^_^

can’t say the two new ones did all that well.  people still seem a bit intimidated.  and i was surprised at the number of people, once again, who seemed to be seeing me for the first time.  i have done that show twice before, tho not last year.  and others not all that far away.  i keep thinking everyone has already seen me at least once.  not so.  and that’s a good thing!!

i did something i just don’t do these days – i rented a motel room on sat night.  i realized as i drove the two hours home after setup friday night, that i just didn’t want to do that again the next day.  especially since setup was so late and i didn’t get home until after 9:30!  and then there was a game to watch.  can you believe they had the nerve to lose after tom waited for me and i drove home, etc etc.!!  and then they won the next night when i didn’t even get to see it.  dang!  so, i rationalized the cost of the hotel with saving a round trip in gas.  plus, since wade couldn’t come with me on sunday, i saved the 10% of gross for the day.  so, even with dinner, i think i broke even and was a lot less whipped yesterday.  course that meant i had to do teardown alone.  like what else is new????  not like the first time!!  took the normal 2 hours, so i was home by 8:00.  and here i am – feeling tired still.

just put on the required pot of corned beef and will add potatoes in a bit and then cabbage at the last few minutes.  oh, putting in green beans for everyone else.  maybe wade will eat cabbage – probably no one else.

happy st patrick’s day!!

love and beauty