nothing to do with sewing this time – just my taxes!!  what a relief. 

also, i managed to get myself together for the trunk show tomorrow.  tried to make it as painless as possible – at least the hauling in of all the stuff for sales.  the quilts all go into an old trunk, and i went thru all of those to make sure they are in the right order.  also took the one off the bedroom wall – sure lookin bare in there!   anyway, the hard part is getting the samples displayed and at least some product out to sell.  decided not to take every pattern this time – and only a small number of each.  so, have total tub number down to just a couple large and a couple small.  wade is going with me, that will be a huge help.  the guild lady said she was perfectly willing and able to help me take it all in.  i had already enrolled wade and think it will be best if he does the hauling and she helps me hang the samples (after getting the two quilt racks setup, etc).  also must take the register and cc equipment.  and so you see how it just kinda gets to be a lot!

found out there are 21 people enrolled in the class – which happens the next day.  i’m impressed!  it’s not a large guild, only about 100 people!  lots of lovers of applique, i guess!  that’s a good thing!

and that’s the news for today.  haven’t taken any pictures lately, sorry.  guess it’s a little boring just reading.  maybe i can find one just for fun.

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