it was a busy week!  and somehow i survived again.

the talk went very well, got them to laugh and that’s always a good sign!  also received some compliments after. yea!  and the class seemed to be a hugh success!  there were about 20, and they did seem more than well-pleased!  got lots and lots of thank-you’s! ^_^  and everyone did really well.  and said they had learned a lot.  that is the goal, those two things!  for me it was just tough getting up at 5:00am two days straight and driving nearly an hour in the morning traffic.  it was wonderful to have wade there for the talk as he hauled it all in and back out!  that way i could just concentrate on getting the samples up and the patterns/kits out.  way easier than doing to all myself!

so, betwen the show and that  gig – i am breathing a little easier.  now i can put my full attention on creating!  and today i think i will see if i can get a tulip drawn – for the new series.  i will also spend a little time outside since we are having picture-perfect weather right now!

so, here’s a picture of last year’s blossoms.  looks like there are as many coming on again.  lovely!  and Happy Easter!!


love and beauty