the next two ‘simple’ flowers are sorta done.  the framing overlay is not yet on, but the flowers are done.  i am not so happy with the tulip.  the design is fine – it’s the fabrics i’m not satisfied with.  been trying to use what i have – especially when i have a whole bolt!  such was the case for the red.  i really wanted red tulips, but it is very difficult to find 4 different reds that don’t clash – and with two of them having some shine or gold.  i mean, would be a tough task in a store with hundred or thousands of bolts!!  so, the flowers may get ripped off and become pink.  easier to find pinks like i want, i think.

it’s not the color that is the problem.  it’s the lack of contrast between the 6 different petals.  i mean, if ya go to all the work of sewing six different tiny-ish pieces, ya kinda want it to be more obvious!  and – the one with the gold is NOT a good one for applique – weave is much to loose.  that would be ok except for the very last piece that goes on – the turned over part of the largest petal.  it has a tiny sharp point with an even tinier inside curve next to it.  i managed to make the fabric ‘do it’, but not so sure i want to put my customers to that kind of test! (those who purchase kits)

the daffodils could probably use a little more contrast as well, but those petals are distinct enough to get by with what i used.  and i will admit that main yellow looked so much brighter before it was sewn on!  funny thing what happens when you go to tiny pieces.

tulip.jpg     daffodil.jpg

the main goal at this point is to get them finished and sewn together with the other two and the wallhanging ready for display in the booth!

love and beauty