April 2008

that pesky tulip is finished!  version 3 is good enough to remain intact and published.  i haven’t done the words and final drawing and taken to off max, but have already put it on the webpage for sale.  guess i will need to complete it today – just in case. ^_^

here’s the picture – and now i must get to the shower and to work.  did some extra reading today before beginning the ‘real’ day. ho ho ho  kind of recovering from long drive/therapy session etc.  usually like to just pretend it’s all a ho hum deal – sometimes find i can’t. ^_^


love and beauty   www.artfullyapplique.com

well, as it turns out, i guess the lizard was not the critter i saw that one night.  you know, as i thought about it after – it seemed not to jive.  i mean that tail i had found was fresh off its body, and it had been a couple of days since i thought i saw something moving.  today, as i sat here updating the website, i thought i saw movement in the kitchen – on the sink.  and thought i kept hearing just a tiny little noise.  kept looking, saw nothing – then – ahah, there it was!  a mouse!  and he/she was nibbling at the bisquit i had placed in the little plastic dish that holds stuff going to the compost bin.  when i stood up to watch, it scurried across the sink and into the hole under one of the stove burners – the one in the center of the drip pan under the actual burner/element.  my counter/sink/stove is all one piece.  and also sits on top of and is attached to the (non-working) fridge (i killed it attempting to break off ice in freezer compartment, instead of defrosting – yes, very dumb).  when he/she went down from the stove, ended up on top of the fridge and then??? hmmmm

what’s funny is – i had decided to clean out and under the toaster oven this morning and in the process discovered these little black things.  at first i thought ‘mouse turds’, then thought maybe just seeds from those crackers i have been eating.  they look pretty much the same. ^_^  but when i heard that tiny bit of noise – somehow i just knew!

i’m not big on killing critters, so not sure what i’ll do next.  did put the little bowl into the toaster oven and out of its reach.  will take that to the compost bin once i quit here. and i took the drip pan out from under that burner – you know, just to let it know i know it’s here! ^_^  haven’t seen or heard ‘her’ since.     i’m not real good about putting food away – guess i’ll have to be more careful for awhile!  yes, i do have a cat.  and your point is? ^_^

love and beauty   www.artfullyapplique.com

well, the talk went well – well enough to add 7 additional people to the class. yea!  and to generate some sales that evening.  then, the  class went very well – all seemed pleased with what they had learned – based on the thank you’s, etc.  and there were some additional sales.  so – i am out of financial ‘breakdown’.  yea!  and, i was able to pull out of there at about 3:15 which put me just ahead of the rush on the highway – i guess, cause there was essentially no traffic!  a little heavy within the towns of modesto and manitica, but that was it.  even not bad coming up the back road once i got to sac.  so i made it door to door in exactly 3 hrs.  and arrived just about 2 minutes before tom, so we were able to watch the game early.  and still have time to sort of watch the reds lose afterwards.  (fast forwarded thru the slaughter for the most part)  

today is kind of a ‘free’ day – no pressing tasks, other than to get these checks to the bank so i can pay all the bills. ahhhh, what a relief! ^_^

dang!!  loud thump/bang/bounce on the roof!  i have a flat roof, and often the cats get up there and play.  this, however, is not the cats.  i suspect it is the result of a squirrel up in the pine above me.  and that was one of those HUGH (cannon ball size) pinecones.  there was a bounce sound, so it wasn’t just a cat landing.  and the big black cat is now on the shelf outside the kitchen window.  and he is looking up a lot.

so, here are the pictures of those beautiful cactus blossoms – the ones i took san jaun batista. (where i stayed for the hollister show).




isn’t that lovely!  and with that i will bid you

love and beauty


well, thought i was going to write about the beautiful flowers, but that will be for another day. 

for some time i have been ‘bothered’ by a grey cat that tends to hang out around here.  i was pretty certain that he came in here while i was gone, availing himself of the open window intended for mr pepe.  there have been times when way too much food had been eaten(while i was out of town).  and once, i discovered grey hair in the indentation made in the down comforter.  and once, i even noticed a rather nasty odor in the bedroom – even tho i had been right here in this room, with the door closed cause it was too cold in there.  i managed to make it go away with some febreeze, but was certain it had not been there before – which meant he had come in even while i was here! grrr.

well, just a little while ago, after i had already been in there to close the window cause it was still too cool outside and the door had not been shut tight, etc.  anyway, i just went in to pack my suitcase in preparation for leaving in a few hours – and this is what i saw!!!

talk about surprised!  and he didn’t (and hasn’t) run away.  now we had seen him up at the big house yesterday – limping badly.  and candace remarked that his front leg was very swollen.  as you may be able to see, that paw is quite swollen.  nothing i can do now.  i was able to both pet him and even pick him up (as he was originally against my pillow! ) i won’t  be here tonight, so won’t bother with it for now.    if he is still here and docile when i return, i guess i will put him in a crate and take him to the vet.  no money, but hate to see him suffer.  perhaps it’s just a foxtail that can be easily removed?  not sure what i will do if it’s something very expensive.  can barely pay my current bills.  dang.  help!!!    he is certainly dirty.  and kinda skinny.  guess the cats up there don’t leave much for him.  i can’t put food out down here – skunks and raccoons!

so, there you have my latest critter story/adventure.  now it’s time to get myself ready.  will have to stop at the rv and ‘re’dress as i forgot to bring home both the dresses AND the shoes!  it’s another 3 hr drive.  bad part will be returning tomorrow.  class ends at 3:00, which means i will be out of there closer to 4:00 – and any time after 3:00 is bad news coming up the highway.  need to get home for the second celtics’ game.  sorry the bruins lost last night – no more playoffs for them this year.  still, they did way better than expected.

gotta go   love and beauty   www.artfullyapplique.com

another very bad show.  i will admit that i didn’t expect great things – what with it being both small and new.  but – – – –  oh my.  sat i didn’t do ‘awful’ (relataively speaking) – not so with sunday.  you really do have to have actual customers before you can hope to sell anything,  precious vew of them came thru the front door (heck, or even the side or back for that matter).   only ‘good’ thing – i was able to start tearing down early and thus got home before tom started the celtics’ game. yea!  and, yes, they did win.    and i was shocked to discover  the bruins had also won sat night!  so there is game seven tonight.  can they possibly do it??  beat the #1 team??  we shall see.  it is amazing they have come this far!

so, what has that to do with applique, or quilting – absolutely nothing.  just something i happen to also love – sports.  so there you have it.

no one showed for applique day at high sierra today.  had to make a quick stop at rv storage and change vehicles.  then stop again on the way home to load up all the product tubs and anything else i may need for tomorrow night and wed – guild talk and then class – in madera.  i am doing this in avoidance of going up there and going thru tubs – i did kinda throw stuff in just to get out of there yesterday.  i get tired of being the last one out – it was good to leave a couple others there still working – for a change. ^_^  oh, rats, just realized i left my dresses in the rv.  oh well, guess i’ll wear one of the black ones.  or, stop and get one on the way down the road tomorrow.  go right past there.

ok, guess i’d best get to it – something.

love and beauty  www.artfullyapplique.com


gosh it’s great to have the rv right here!  so much easier to get everything together.  just went up to light the fridge so it won’t be totally warm when i put stuff into it.  and there’s the dryer telling me my travelin pants are ready! ^_^  just have to clean the body and pack the last minute food items, etc.

i was wrong about the gas prices – off by about 10 cents!  checked the local stations as i came back – $3.79 the cheapest and $3.95 the highest.  didn’t go by the station that is usually less than these – probably not a big difference!  i will be going to safeway (grocery store with associated pumps) where i get a (phony?) discount with the ‘savings’ card.  don’t expect less than $3.70, that’s for sure.  dang!  must mean i’m going to make a lot of money this weekend. ^_^

ok, still need to check the local weather to make sure i have packed my down time clothes properly.  don’t know if i will have internet service.  or tv hookup so i can watch the bruins’ game tomorrow night!  can’t believe they won last night!!  yea!!

got an email from sis about the earthquake in the midwest.  amazing.  and she thought i was in a danger zone!!  looks like it was a pretty good one – or should i say ‘bad’!  interesting.

love and beauty   www.artfullyapplique.com

it’s that day again – last one before  departure.  (to hollister) i will be taking the rv, (and staying at a lovely rv park – with roosters in the trees!) so there is that to do.  i am now doing it differently, tho.  because i was forced to bring it home one night, due to the new ‘rules’ where i store it – i found i could actually back it into the space just outside our driveway.  and in such a way as to still allow tom to fet in and out of the driveway.  i managed to miss the fence by about two inches – hey, that’s all ya need – it’s still a miss! ^_^  so, soon i will be going to get ‘er.  prbably need to stop at the gas station and give up the last of my funds – i was shocked to notice the gas prices when i went out the other day.  when did THAT happen – again??!!!  i suspect i will be paying about $3.65 – perhaps as much as $3.75???  at 8 – 10 mpg, well – you get the picture!!!  feels a little like literally burning that paper stuff we call money!

anyway, i am nearly ready.  turned this thing on to print the last of the covers i need – unless i get that new fused sample made – then i’ll need to take a picture and print those covers.  we’ll see.  i even got the mini sewn onto one of the new dresses that i bought in houston.  was getting tired of wearing the same old 4 – and they are all dark.  i bought some light colors this time. 

 i am taking both a black and a white shirt for underneath.  probably wear the white one for spring/summer and save the black one for fall/winter.

it’s a good thing i have a show – not just cause i so need the money.  i am very settled into being at home and experiencing my usual difficulty in getting myself out!  have chosen to not drink any wine this week, so really no reason to go out. ^_^  even had enough coffee and cream – the other thing that forces me out.  yes, i am a hermit by nature.

love and beauty   www.artfullyapplique.com

at least for now, i will not try to get the wall hanging done before the hollister show.  will just go with the other 3 done as separate patterns and leave the tulip!  while i am happy with what i did to the blossom and bud – as well as ok with the latest fabrics – when i put it up with the other three, it just seems not quite right, yet.  not sure if the two flowers need to be larger or if there needs to be 3 blossoms and only 2 leaves.  am guessing it is the latter.  and that means a complete redisign.  sooo, have been concentrating on getting whatever else i need ‘done’ – kits cut and assembled, jacket patterns, etc.

i have printed what i can and need for the daffodil, still need to final trace the design onto the words and get it to off max.  have a couple other masters i need as well.  but i find myself in that place of inirtia where i get once i haven’t been out (off the property) for a few days.  that means that while i think i ‘intend’ to ‘go later’, somehow the day ends and i’m still here. ^_^  so i’m still in that – do one more thing before i go stage.  presently cutting more kits for the daffodil and will also need some for the little iris.

weather has cooled significantly – whew!  while i was enjoying those warm days to some degree, i am definitely not ready for the heat of summer!  and it was getting something very close to hot in here – which means it’s time to put up that lovely awning again.  sure would like this to be the last year for that poor old thing!  would like to purchase one like i have on the rv – that rolls up and goes away when not in use.  in case you missed it last year – here’s a picture of my oh so beautiful awning.  yuk yuk yuk

just below it is where i planted the extra veggies the kids gave me.  they seem to be doing ok, in spite of limited sun exposure.  i’ll take a picture soon.

love and beauty   www.artfullyapplique.com

well, yesterday i managed to catch what i THOUGHT i had seen sneaking away the other night.  that is, until i actually caught it.  then i realized it was the owner of the amputated tail i had found on the path just the day before – i would say perhaps ‘still warm’, but i don’t think lizards are ever ‘warm’.  ok, perhaps after sunning themselves??  {OMG – again!!}    anyway, i went to put on my slogger/rubber sandels to head outside and (fortunately) since they are hard to slip on, i was looking at them!  and noticed something leaving my shoe!  ahah!  this time it was trapped under those shelves and i was able to catch it with my handy dandy leftovoer container.  the perfect fit for that tail!

then, this morning sort of saw pepe heading toward the bathroom,  didn’t really sink in till i thought i heard the sound of things being moved around on the floor in there.  sure enough, another small lizard in the fold of the rug by the shower.  chased the cat, caught the lizard and decided to take a picture to share when i finally did this.

then, right up there where the omg is, i saw mr pepe walk past me and could clearly see a tail hanging out of his mouth!!  grabbed the container before going to  check – there he was with one paw on its tail.  it was kind of frozen, i think, so i was able to shoo the cat and get the container over him before he moved.  then eased the lid under – and voila’, another catch for the day!!  this one was what i think they call an ‘alligator’ lizard.  you will notice the markings are similar.  it probably won’t show, given the container top is blue, but the marks are blue.  kinda pretty, actually.  i took it up to show family – tom said he has been rescuing them from the cats up there as well.  outside, tho.  no, they don’t seem to eat them.  it’s just the thrill of the hunt, i guess.  the lizards often lose tails and feet – sometimes live to tell the tale (oops, no pun intended.)

this is the first one and the kind i normally find.  this one is under the blue lid.  the next one, i forgot, i put a glass lid on so you could see the colors. ^_^

i just closed the bedroom (cat) window.  he’s in for a while, anyway.  also, heard some other cats yowling out there.  he’s not much of a fighter – saves his energy for the hunt. ^_^

love and beauty   www.artfullyapplique.com

guess i did need to mention that the next show is in hollister.  so, if you are in the area – come on down.

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