started to type monday in the title – guess it feels like that cause i’m just back from high sierra where i often am on mondays.  had a class today – 4 people, yea!  went quite well, in spite of how it felt at first.  for the first time i actually got there about 5 minutes early – only to discover no one there (students, that is – shop owner there).  10:00 came and went and still no one. hmmm how weird that all 4 people would be late!  checked with doug to be sure it was the right day and that everyone hadn’t un-enrolled!  ok, so one person had called and was going to be late.  pretty soon the two sisters showed up together and we got started around 10:15 or so.  finally the 4th person showed up – seemed to have thought it started at 10:30.  then person #3 called again to be sure it was still ok to come.  fortunately she was someone with at least some applique experience – so it was ok.

the next rough place was what seemed to be a communication block with one of them.  somehow i worked thru it and she was fine – in fact, did very well.  i must admit that i had to be very careful and conscious of how and what i was saying!!  while my students always comment on how patient i am – that is NOT exactly how i would often describe myself!!  not when the goal is to have you understand what i’m saying.  and this was a rather extreme case when i had trouble even understanding her questions or what she meant when she said what she thought i had said!!    and somehow – it all worked out. ^_^

this was #1 of 2.  i’ve done it so many times lately as a one day class, it felt a little strange – seemed kind of a luxury to have so much time.  but we ended up using it all what with late arrivals, etc.  in fact, we went over at least a half hour.  hopefully next week will be a bit smoother sailing.

and now, i guess i need to get to printing some covers and backs.  going to spend a day or two with ruth and decided to take patterns  to fold and stuff rather than something to sew.  easier, i think. 

guess that’s it.  no picture for today.  sure is a lovely day out there!!

love and beauty