somewhere in this little house there is a tiny furry four-legged creature hiding!  no, not the cat nor the dog.  if you have read any of these before, you might know that dear mr. pepe (the cat) just loves to bring ‘toys’ into the house!!  my first clue was the condition of the bathroom a few days ago.  that is, i found the rug, and whatever else was on the floor, askew/scattered. hmmm  more than just his running around kind of mess.  figured it meant he was chasing something.

then noticed he kept peering in at the end of all the ‘furniture’ that holds everything related to computers and printers.  there is a little space behind them and the wall, mostly it contains all the wires and power strip, etc.   day before yesterday, after having been successfully online in the morning, i was unable to connect in the afternoon.  not just the little warning yellow triangle – no, a big red X.  hmmm, something unplugged it said.  sure enough, the wireless antenna was no longer plugged into the power strip – not exactly easy to discover, given its location!  ok, now i know there must be something in here and it must be still very much alive!

then, last night – something caught my eye.  did i see something move over there in the hallway by the door??  was watching tv, had lights off, but there are decorative lights around the kitchen window, so light enough to see.  again?  ahhh, there it is!  something very tiny moving toward the wall.  ok, let’s get a container and see if we can catch it.  lights on, container in hand – ok, so where the H___ did it GO??  damn – need i say it is still  trembling SOMEplace in here!  i will be leaving today and not back till saturday or sunday.  hope i don’t find a stiff tiny body when i return.

given how much trouble mr pepe has catching things once they are IN here,  i have no idea how he does it out THERE!  and they are often alive.  occassionally he has gotten a little over zealous and done them in before they make it thru the window with him.  play toys – that’s what i think they are.  bored cat. ??  spring fever??

love and beauty