i just couldn’t resist – been having so much trouble with that tulip i was beginning to get discouraged and wonder if it was even worth it.  so, decided to put all four up just to see.  obviously two are ‘unfinished’ in varying degrees!  and the two that are finished i will be cutting down a little, i think.  they will be joined with same narrow sashing, black, like the backgrounds.  anyway, i am pretty happy with how they go together.  inspired to keep on keepin on with that dang tulip.  as you can see, i have not yet ripped the second one off.  been cutting fabrics for two days – for kits, in general.  just needed to step back for a bit before digging into that one again. ^_^

  yes, they will all be on point.  and i need to get them together and the corners on so i have it for the next show!  only a week from today till i leave – guess i’d best stop fooling around!!  also have to get the patterns final drawn and copies made – as well as the covers printed, etc.  no rest for the weary! ^_^