well, yesterday i managed to catch what i THOUGHT i had seen sneaking away the other night.  that is, until i actually caught it.  then i realized it was the owner of the amputated tail i had found on the path just the day before – i would say perhaps ‘still warm’, but i don’t think lizards are ever ‘warm’.  ok, perhaps after sunning themselves??  {OMG – again!!}    anyway, i went to put on my slogger/rubber sandels to head outside and (fortunately) since they are hard to slip on, i was looking at them!  and noticed something leaving my shoe!  ahah!  this time it was trapped under those shelves and i was able to catch it with my handy dandy leftovoer container.  the perfect fit for that tail!

then, this morning sort of saw pepe heading toward the bathroom,  didn’t really sink in till i thought i heard the sound of things being moved around on the floor in there.  sure enough, another small lizard in the fold of the rug by the shower.  chased the cat, caught the lizard and decided to take a picture to share when i finally did this.

then, right up there where the omg is, i saw mr pepe walk past me and could clearly see a tail hanging out of his mouth!!  grabbed the container before going to  check – there he was with one paw on its tail.  it was kind of frozen, i think, so i was able to shoo the cat and get the container over him before he moved.  then eased the lid under – and voila’, another catch for the day!!  this one was what i think they call an ‘alligator’ lizard.  you will notice the markings are similar.  it probably won’t show, given the container top is blue, but the marks are blue.  kinda pretty, actually.  i took it up to show family – tom said he has been rescuing them from the cats up there as well.  outside, tho.  no, they don’t seem to eat them.  it’s just the thrill of the hunt, i guess.  the lizards often lose tails and feet – sometimes live to tell the tale (oops, no pun intended.)

this is the first one and the kind i normally find.  this one is under the blue lid.  the next one, i forgot, i put a glass lid on so you could see the colors. ^_^

i just closed the bedroom (cat) window.  he’s in for a while, anyway.  also, heard some other cats yowling out there.  he’s not much of a fighter – saves his energy for the hunt. ^_^

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