at least for now, i will not try to get the wall hanging done before the hollister show.  will just go with the other 3 done as separate patterns and leave the tulip!  while i am happy with what i did to the blossom and bud – as well as ok with the latest fabrics – when i put it up with the other three, it just seems not quite right, yet.  not sure if the two flowers need to be larger or if there needs to be 3 blossoms and only 2 leaves.  am guessing it is the latter.  and that means a complete redisign.  sooo, have been concentrating on getting whatever else i need ‘done’ – kits cut and assembled, jacket patterns, etc.

i have printed what i can and need for the daffodil, still need to final trace the design onto the words and get it to off max.  have a couple other masters i need as well.  but i find myself in that place of inirtia where i get once i haven’t been out (off the property) for a few days.  that means that while i think i ‘intend’ to ‘go later’, somehow the day ends and i’m still here. ^_^  so i’m still in that – do one more thing before i go stage.  presently cutting more kits for the daffodil and will also need some for the little iris.

weather has cooled significantly – whew!  while i was enjoying those warm days to some degree, i am definitely not ready for the heat of summer!  and it was getting something very close to hot in here – which means it’s time to put up that lovely awning again.  sure would like this to be the last year for that poor old thing!  would like to purchase one like i have on the rv – that rolls up and goes away when not in use.  in case you missed it last year – here’s a picture of my oh so beautiful awning.  yuk yuk yuk

just below it is where i planted the extra veggies the kids gave me.  they seem to be doing ok, in spite of limited sun exposure.  i’ll take a picture soon.

love and beauty