it’s that day again – last one before  departure.  (to hollister) i will be taking the rv, (and staying at a lovely rv park – with roosters in the trees!) so there is that to do.  i am now doing it differently, tho.  because i was forced to bring it home one night, due to the new ‘rules’ where i store it – i found i could actually back it into the space just outside our driveway.  and in such a way as to still allow tom to fet in and out of the driveway.  i managed to miss the fence by about two inches – hey, that’s all ya need – it’s still a miss! ^_^  so, soon i will be going to get ‘er.  prbably need to stop at the gas station and give up the last of my funds – i was shocked to notice the gas prices when i went out the other day.  when did THAT happen – again??!!!  i suspect i will be paying about $3.65 – perhaps as much as $3.75???  at 8 – 10 mpg, well – you get the picture!!!  feels a little like literally burning that paper stuff we call money!

anyway, i am nearly ready.  turned this thing on to print the last of the covers i need – unless i get that new fused sample made – then i’ll need to take a picture and print those covers.  we’ll see.  i even got the mini sewn onto one of the new dresses that i bought in houston.  was getting tired of wearing the same old 4 – and they are all dark.  i bought some light colors this time. 

 i am taking both a black and a white shirt for underneath.  probably wear the white one for spring/summer and save the black one for fall/winter.

it’s a good thing i have a show – not just cause i so need the money.  i am very settled into being at home and experiencing my usual difficulty in getting myself out!  have chosen to not drink any wine this week, so really no reason to go out. ^_^  even had enough coffee and cream – the other thing that forces me out.  yes, i am a hermit by nature.

love and beauty