gosh it’s great to have the rv right here!  so much easier to get everything together.  just went up to light the fridge so it won’t be totally warm when i put stuff into it.  and there’s the dryer telling me my travelin pants are ready! ^_^  just have to clean the body and pack the last minute food items, etc.

i was wrong about the gas prices – off by about 10 cents!  checked the local stations as i came back – $3.79 the cheapest and $3.95 the highest.  didn’t go by the station that is usually less than these – probably not a big difference!  i will be going to safeway (grocery store with associated pumps) where i get a (phony?) discount with the ‘savings’ card.  don’t expect less than $3.70, that’s for sure.  dang!  must mean i’m going to make a lot of money this weekend. ^_^

ok, still need to check the local weather to make sure i have packed my down time clothes properly.  don’t know if i will have internet service.  or tv hookup so i can watch the bruins’ game tomorrow night!  can’t believe they won last night!!  yea!!

got an email from sis about the earthquake in the midwest.  amazing.  and she thought i was in a danger zone!!  looks like it was a pretty good one – or should i say ‘bad’!  interesting.

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