another very bad show.  i will admit that i didn’t expect great things – what with it being both small and new.  but – – – –  oh my.  sat i didn’t do ‘awful’ (relataively speaking) – not so with sunday.  you really do have to have actual customers before you can hope to sell anything,  precious vew of them came thru the front door (heck, or even the side or back for that matter).   only ‘good’ thing – i was able to start tearing down early and thus got home before tom started the celtics’ game. yea!  and, yes, they did win.    and i was shocked to discover  the bruins had also won sat night!  so there is game seven tonight.  can they possibly do it??  beat the #1 team??  we shall see.  it is amazing they have come this far!

so, what has that to do with applique, or quilting – absolutely nothing.  just something i happen to also love – sports.  so there you have it.

no one showed for applique day at high sierra today.  had to make a quick stop at rv storage and change vehicles.  then stop again on the way home to load up all the product tubs and anything else i may need for tomorrow night and wed – guild talk and then class – in madera.  i am doing this in avoidance of going up there and going thru tubs – i did kinda throw stuff in just to get out of there yesterday.  i get tired of being the last one out – it was good to leave a couple others there still working – for a change. ^_^  oh, rats, just realized i left my dresses in the rv.  oh well, guess i’ll wear one of the black ones.  or, stop and get one on the way down the road tomorrow.  go right past there.

ok, guess i’d best get to it – something.

love and beauty