well, the talk went well – well enough to add 7 additional people to the class. yea!  and to generate some sales that evening.  then, the  class went very well – all seemed pleased with what they had learned – based on the thank you’s, etc.  and there were some additional sales.  so – i am out of financial ‘breakdown’.  yea!  and, i was able to pull out of there at about 3:15 which put me just ahead of the rush on the highway – i guess, cause there was essentially no traffic!  a little heavy within the towns of modesto and manitica, but that was it.  even not bad coming up the back road once i got to sac.  so i made it door to door in exactly 3 hrs.  and arrived just about 2 minutes before tom, so we were able to watch the game early.  and still have time to sort of watch the reds lose afterwards.  (fast forwarded thru the slaughter for the most part)  

today is kind of a ‘free’ day – no pressing tasks, other than to get these checks to the bank so i can pay all the bills. ahhhh, what a relief! ^_^

dang!!  loud thump/bang/bounce on the roof!  i have a flat roof, and often the cats get up there and play.  this, however, is not the cats.  i suspect it is the result of a squirrel up in the pine above me.  and that was one of those HUGH (cannon ball size) pinecones.  there was a bounce sound, so it wasn’t just a cat landing.  and the big black cat is now on the shelf outside the kitchen window.  and he is looking up a lot.

so, here are the pictures of those beautiful cactus blossoms – the ones i took san jaun batista. (where i stayed for the hollister show).




isn’t that lovely!  and with that i will bid you

love and beauty