well, as it turns out, i guess the lizard was not the critter i saw that one night.  you know, as i thought about it after – it seemed not to jive.  i mean that tail i had found was fresh off its body, and it had been a couple of days since i thought i saw something moving.  today, as i sat here updating the website, i thought i saw movement in the kitchen – on the sink.  and thought i kept hearing just a tiny little noise.  kept looking, saw nothing – then – ahah, there it was!  a mouse!  and he/she was nibbling at the bisquit i had placed in the little plastic dish that holds stuff going to the compost bin.  when i stood up to watch, it scurried across the sink and into the hole under one of the stove burners – the one in the center of the drip pan under the actual burner/element.  my counter/sink/stove is all one piece.  and also sits on top of and is attached to the (non-working) fridge (i killed it attempting to break off ice in freezer compartment, instead of defrosting – yes, very dumb).  when he/she went down from the stove, ended up on top of the fridge and then??? hmmmm

what’s funny is – i had decided to clean out and under the toaster oven this morning and in the process discovered these little black things.  at first i thought ‘mouse turds’, then thought maybe just seeds from those crackers i have been eating.  they look pretty much the same. ^_^  but when i heard that tiny bit of noise – somehow i just knew!

i’m not big on killing critters, so not sure what i’ll do next.  did put the little bowl into the toaster oven and out of its reach.  will take that to the compost bin once i quit here. and i took the drip pan out from under that burner – you know, just to let it know i know it’s here! ^_^  haven’t seen or heard ‘her’ since.     i’m not real good about putting food away – guess i’ll have to be more careful for awhile!  yes, i do have a cat.  and your point is? ^_^

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