May 2008

in a koa.  will be leaving here soon as i shower, etc and have just 85 more miles to get to the show.  today is about setup and then to the next rv park and a bit of rest before the show opens tomorrow morning.

it’s a long drive – 1115 miles, says yahoo.  i had to haul it yesterday after dawdling and not caring.  decided i really did want to see the celtics’ game AND wanted wifi to do some financial stuff.  that meant, given where i was, i had to do 250 miles asap to get to this place – the only one listed in my good sam book (with both amenities).  and i also had to stop for gas.  and there was a mightly crosswind.  the gods were with me tho, and the wind shifted while i was getting gas, thus giving me a tailwind for the better part of the trip.  i actually had to use the cruise control in order to stay below the 75 mph limit!  where before, it was all i could do to do get to 65!  unfortunately, that did change at the end – plus there were several construction zones.  i can say that this highway (I-40) is in dire need of being replaced!  still a pain to deal with.  so, i arrived just before halftime.  just as well, i missed the only lousy part of the game when they seemed to try to give it away!  now i just have to work out logistics to make sure i see the next one (or two).

ok, time to shower and get on the road again.  hopefully setup will go faster than last week!  that was an odd shape and the first time for the new rack, etc.  still, that makes this one a first time as well – in terms of what i have to hang and what goes where on tables.  and different tables, etc.  each one is different, no matter what.

love and beauty

i’m back from ft. bragg and i leave for albuquerque tomorrow.  the show was ok.  i did well enough all things considered and booked a class for august.  that is a very good thing.

thought i’d just post a picture of the rack in action – as it worked out beautifully.

there are baskets of kits sitting in front of it – as planned.  it is a little tall, so i have to leave room for it when hanging.  still, i am pleased.








and that is it for today.  not sure when i will have this luxury again while i am on the road.  will take the camera just in case.

love and beauty

and so it begins – 6 weeks on the road.  i leave early early morning – off to ft bragg for the first one.  hoping to drive back home sunday night – 5 hrs will get me in here late, but i only have monday at home before heading to albuquerque tues morning.  been a long time since i’ve done that kind of distance – alone.  was just thinking, i used to drive back and forth between cin’ti and boston several times each year.  and i always did it straight thru, over night.  15 – 18 hrs, depending on whether i stopped for a short nap.  yahoo says this trip is 16 1/2 hrs – so no reason to worry!!  not planning to do it straight thru – not in the rv.  that thing does make me tired!

and so it goes – not in good spirits at the moment.  my celtics just lost a game – at home!!  and just been in a semi funk all day.  preshow jitters, i guess.  and wondering about so many in a row.  also skipped lunch and nothing much healthy for dinner.  just one of those off days all the way around. ^_^  be fine once i get to the show.  wonder how many folks will be on the road already tomorrow – for the holiday.  hope not so many.  and i am definitely glad the wind seemed to be dying this afternoon.  been very gusty around here!  tough driving that big box in the wind.

love and beauty

well, this is how my day began!

kind of stepped on this poor thing on my way to the bathroom!  didn’t come down on it, but my foot brushed over it – which is how i discovered it!  hadn’t been there long as it felt warm as i carried it to the compost bin – wrapped in a paper towel!!  dang cat!!





and now i must  attempt to get some more work done.  tom got home late and not in good shape after a trip to the dr. because of his back.  he was a little dopey from meds, so no work done on the rack – except i did get him to do the one cut that was the fix for the slight design flaw. ^_^  i will do my best to finish it today, i think.  there is a game tonight, so there won’t be a lot of time available.

did a quick mini kit inventory so i at least know what i need if i so choose.  will probably see where i am fabric-wise and then choose whether to bother cutting.  still need to make the trip to off max for the copies for the last two new designs – the tulips and the #17.  kits are cut and folded for those.  covers printed – just waiting for the actual patterns!

love and beauty

in crunch time again – before 6 weeks on the road.  have finished any sewing i will be doing for awhile and today i must switch gears and concentrate on kits.  also need to take the latest two masters to off max for copies so i can put the patterns together!  have covers all printed and ready.

yesterday was a busy day – in many categories.  the lovely awning is back up and despite its appearance, it is indeed LOVELY!!  lowers the temp in here by at least 10 deg, maybe even more!  and i don’t lose all my view like i do with those blinds down. (which keep out only part of the sunlight and none of the heat)

then there was the celtics’ game!!  very exciting and was (as the announcers said) probably great fun to watch for those who didn’t care who won!!   as for us loyal fans (of either team!) – a real nailbiter! or heart stopper!  at least got mine beating really fast!! ^_^  now it’s on to detroit – the last hurdle before the really really big series.

and then there was the display rack. hmmm  been a few design flaws along the way.  the one last night looked pretty serious at the time, but i have now seen how it can be quickly fixed.  tom was even less enthused than he was on sat.  at least then he seemed even a little really enrolled.  yesterday – well, it was late (after game and other chores he had had to do)  and tom is definitely not the weekend warrior in the project category.  not his idea of a fun weekend – to say the least.  too bad, cause he is so good at anything he tries.  part of it could be that he is in physical pain of some kind most of the time.  he just doesn’t talk about it or let it show.  i only am reminded when he has to resort to either ice packs or the vibrating massager chair lining thingy.  his job is truly torturing his body.  sure hope the daycare thing works out well enough that he can quit!!!  progress there remains slow due to lack of funds.  a common theme these days!

and then there is still the rv ‘repair’ – the installation of the emissions monitoring sensor.  i will bring the rig home sometime wed and just keep it here until i leave very early fri a.m.  there is a game thurs night, so expect him to do the work wed night.  while it is here i hope to clean the inside a little and do some rearranging as well as all the packing.  going to be home sweet home for a couple of weeks,

oh, one last thing – the great furry hunter was at it again this morning.  i should know by now that when he comes in that back window and heads straight for the bathroom that he has brought in a playmate!  i thought he was just thirsty – then heard the sound of plastic bottles being bumped around.  went to check and discovered a small furry critter looking less than thrilled.  seemed unharmed, just terrified.  i had to rush to the kitchen for a container and hope it remained frozen in place. (really must just take one with me when i go to see!)  it did and i was able to capture and release it way in the back ‘yard’ (just wild area) and under some big metal platform thing that’s back there (not on our property).  considered taking a picture, but figured ya’ll know what a field mouse looks like! ^_-

ok, gotta get to it here

love and beauty

ok, i have figured out how to download pictures from my camera onto this laptop – directly from the camera.  this laptop does not have a slot that is compatible with the card in my camera.  only problem is, even after i did everything, i still couldn’t use the utility program from the camera software in oder to download.  who knows??  i think it has to do with vista as i saw no mention of it within the user’s manual.  sooo, found a way to at least get one picture at a time – which is all i really need anyway.

that being said, i am now going to insert one i took today – the baby titmouse!!  yes, it is alive and well and momma was showing it about the feeder! ^_^  i had to take this thru the screen and even my max zoom wasn’t sufficient.  i doubt that you can actually see the bird(s).  momma is at the feeder and the youngin is to the right and on the branch, so just about ‘due right’ from the feeder. (i know you can’t even really see momma at the feeder!  i’ll try again if they come back.

discovered one interesting thing in this process – vista saves photos on the desktop as actual pictures, not as a ‘logo’ thing.

ok, back to work here.  am finishing up the #17 in the ancient art series.  also have the final ring to applique – that which attaches the mini to the dress.  and a second mini begun – for the last of the three new dresses.  and i am to leave town on thurs.  hmmmm   have all but the mini tub inventoried and packed.  am ok for these next two shows – unless this first one turns out to be fabulous! (one can only hope).  i will have just one day here when i get back – before heading out to albuquerque!  yes, all by my self.  looooong drive.  haven’t taught sophie to drive yet.  (next two shows are rv trips)(not that she can drive the van) ^_^

this will be a busy weekend – for both tom and me.  i have designed a display ‘rack’  for ‘us’ to build (because i am out of ‘slots’ and have several new designs/patterns/kits.)  have been attempting to make do with baskets, etc.  not working all that well.  no $$ or even floor space, for a new spinner – so needed a table model ‘something’.  i’ll post a picture once it’s done – and then report on how well it worked.  that includes how it packs, etc – not just function.

one thing for sure – if this heat stays, i’ll be very very happy to be at the coast next weekend!  show is in ft bragg.  see ya there!? ^_^

love and beauty   www,

just thought you might like to see these lovelies.  other than that, not a lot to say today.  just working away, trying to make the most of this time here at home.  and trying to keep my mind off my checking account. ^_^










sometimes i wish i were a (real) painter.

love and beauty

having one of those emotional days – just something stuck in my craw, as we used to say.  not even sure exactly what, so am just doing my best to let it all be.  that way it will more likely just flow on by.  and in the meantime, trying to do something productive.  so, have been working on yet another flannel jacket kit.   thought i’d post the picture of the last one – the one that’s not really flannel.

as i said, i think these are ‘shirting’ fabrics – unless that term refers to fabric intended for ‘dress’ shirts (men’s, that is).  can’t remember.




and i guess that’s it for this lovely day.  off to feed the birds – and i’m not even mary poppins. ^_^

love and beauty

mostly just to have a picture to post today – here’s another of the reversible jacket kits.  today i finished another ‘flannel’ one – it isn’t really flannel.  i think they are called ‘shirting’ fabrics, tho not sure about that.  no, i’m not sure what these are.  just not flannel – or even ‘brushed cotton’, as they aren’t ‘brushed’.  they are like the ‘wrong’ side of the brushed cottons.  and probably were intended for shirts.  anyway, back to the reversible one from the other day.



all of these kits will be ‘one-of-a-kind’ so when they’re gone, they’re gone.  if they don’t sell, i will eventually make the jackets myself and then sell those.  i have sold every jacket i’ve made so far. yea!


and then there is this – an authentic ‘copy cat’ ?? ^_^

 keep smilin’ ^_^

love and beauty

i have finished all the kits for the reversible jacket.  well, all those i gathered together this time.  i have a LOT more fabric earmarked for jackets!  however, it does take a lot of time to find the other 3 coordinating ones – and i didn’t think i was going to be able to find them all within my stash.  somehow i did – yea!  here is one of the pictures – what i am using as a ‘cover’ for the kit.  so you can see all the fabrics and how they look together.  once again, i have sewn the pieces together that make up the little patchworks from which you then cut out your jacket.  within the kit, each piece is clearly labeled so you know what it’s for.  i have also made the pockets, which are also shown in the picture.  these are the two front pieces with the trim fabric shown between them

perhaps i will post one of these each day.

i now have 5 more flannel ones to do.  found that many sets already assembled!  it takes longer to sew the flannel pieces as all the seams are finished.

not much else to report – except i did capture another (alligator) lizard the other day.  and the baby titmouse has left the nest/birdhouse.  missed it!  😦  am hoping to see it at the feeder eventually – once i can afford to buy more birdseed!  oh, here is the picture i took of the view from my yellow chair (which needs to be repainted cause i didn’t put it under cover for the winter)  it’s the first year for most of these iris.  lovely!

with that, i will say

love and beauty

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