i have finished all the kits for the reversible jacket.  well, all those i gathered together this time.  i have a LOT more fabric earmarked for jackets!  however, it does take a lot of time to find the other 3 coordinating ones – and i didn’t think i was going to be able to find them all within my stash.  somehow i did – yea!  here is one of the pictures – what i am using as a ‘cover’ for the kit.  so you can see all the fabrics and how they look together.  once again, i have sewn the pieces together that make up the little patchworks from which you then cut out your jacket.  within the kit, each piece is clearly labeled so you know what it’s for.  i have also made the pockets, which are also shown in the picture.  these are the two front pieces with the trim fabric shown between them

perhaps i will post one of these each day.

i now have 5 more flannel ones to do.  found that many sets already assembled!  it takes longer to sew the flannel pieces as all the seams are finished.

not much else to report – except i did capture another (alligator) lizard the other day.  and the baby titmouse has left the nest/birdhouse.  missed it!  😦  am hoping to see it at the feeder eventually – once i can afford to buy more birdseed!  oh, here is the picture i took of the view from my yellow chair (which needs to be repainted cause i didn’t put it under cover for the winter)  it’s the first year for most of these iris.  lovely!

with that, i will say

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