mostly just to have a picture to post today – here’s another of the reversible jacket kits.  today i finished another ‘flannel’ one – it isn’t really flannel.  i think they are called ‘shirting’ fabrics, tho not sure about that.  no, i’m not sure what these are.  just not flannel – or even ‘brushed cotton’, as they aren’t ‘brushed’.  they are like the ‘wrong’ side of the brushed cottons.  and probably were intended for shirts.  anyway, back to the reversible one from the other day.



all of these kits will be ‘one-of-a-kind’ so when they’re gone, they’re gone.  if they don’t sell, i will eventually make the jackets myself and then sell those.  i have sold every jacket i’ve made so far. yea!


and then there is this – an authentic ‘copy cat’ ?? ^_^

 keep smilin’ ^_^

love and beauty