ok, i have figured out how to download pictures from my camera onto this laptop – directly from the camera.  this laptop does not have a slot that is compatible with the card in my camera.  only problem is, even after i did everything, i still couldn’t use the utility program from the camera software in oder to download.  who knows??  i think it has to do with vista as i saw no mention of it within the user’s manual.  sooo, found a way to at least get one picture at a time – which is all i really need anyway.

that being said, i am now going to insert one i took today – the baby titmouse!!  yes, it is alive and well and momma was showing it about the feeder! ^_^  i had to take this thru the screen and even my max zoom wasn’t sufficient.  i doubt that you can actually see the bird(s).  momma is at the feeder and the youngin is to the right and on the branch, so just about ‘due right’ from the feeder. (i know you can’t even really see momma at the feeder!  i’ll try again if they come back.

discovered one interesting thing in this process – vista saves photos on the desktop as actual pictures, not as a ‘logo’ thing.

ok, back to work here.  am finishing up the #17 in the ancient art series.  also have the final ring to applique – that which attaches the mini to the dress.  and a second mini begun – for the last of the three new dresses.  and i am to leave town on thurs.  hmmmm   have all but the mini tub inventoried and packed.  am ok for these next two shows – unless this first one turns out to be fabulous! (one can only hope).  i will have just one day here when i get back – before heading out to albuquerque!  yes, all by my self.  looooong drive.  haven’t taught sophie to drive yet.  (next two shows are rv trips)(not that she can drive the van) ^_^

this will be a busy weekend – for both tom and me.  i have designed a display ‘rack’  for ‘us’ to build (because i am out of ‘slots’ and have several new designs/patterns/kits.)  have been attempting to make do with baskets, etc.  not working all that well.  no $$ or even floor space, for a new spinner – so needed a table model ‘something’.  i’ll post a picture once it’s done – and then report on how well it worked.  that includes how it packs, etc – not just function.

one thing for sure – if this heat stays, i’ll be very very happy to be at the coast next weekend!  show is in ft bragg.  see ya there!? ^_^

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