in crunch time again – before 6 weeks on the road.  have finished any sewing i will be doing for awhile and today i must switch gears and concentrate on kits.  also need to take the latest two masters to off max for copies so i can put the patterns together!  have covers all printed and ready.

yesterday was a busy day – in many categories.  the lovely awning is back up and despite its appearance, it is indeed LOVELY!!  lowers the temp in here by at least 10 deg, maybe even more!  and i don’t lose all my view like i do with those blinds down. (which keep out only part of the sunlight and none of the heat)

then there was the celtics’ game!!  very exciting and was (as the announcers said) probably great fun to watch for those who didn’t care who won!!   as for us loyal fans (of either team!) – a real nailbiter! or heart stopper!  at least got mine beating really fast!! ^_^  now it’s on to detroit – the last hurdle before the really really big series.

and then there was the display rack. hmmm  been a few design flaws along the way.  the one last night looked pretty serious at the time, but i have now seen how it can be quickly fixed.  tom was even less enthused than he was on sat.  at least then he seemed even a little really enrolled.  yesterday – well, it was late (after game and other chores he had had to do)  and tom is definitely not the weekend warrior in the project category.  not his idea of a fun weekend – to say the least.  too bad, cause he is so good at anything he tries.  part of it could be that he is in physical pain of some kind most of the time.  he just doesn’t talk about it or let it show.  i only am reminded when he has to resort to either ice packs or the vibrating massager chair lining thingy.  his job is truly torturing his body.  sure hope the daycare thing works out well enough that he can quit!!!  progress there remains slow due to lack of funds.  a common theme these days!

and then there is still the rv ‘repair’ – the installation of the emissions monitoring sensor.  i will bring the rig home sometime wed and just keep it here until i leave very early fri a.m.  there is a game thurs night, so expect him to do the work wed night.  while it is here i hope to clean the inside a little and do some rearranging as well as all the packing.  going to be home sweet home for a couple of weeks,

oh, one last thing – the great furry hunter was at it again this morning.  i should know by now that when he comes in that back window and heads straight for the bathroom that he has brought in a playmate!  i thought he was just thirsty – then heard the sound of plastic bottles being bumped around.  went to check and discovered a small furry critter looking less than thrilled.  seemed unharmed, just terrified.  i had to rush to the kitchen for a container and hope it remained frozen in place. (really must just take one with me when i go to see!)  it did and i was able to capture and release it way in the back ‘yard’ (just wild area) and under some big metal platform thing that’s back there (not on our property).  considered taking a picture, but figured ya’ll know what a field mouse looks like! ^_-

ok, gotta get to it here

love and beauty