well, this is how my day began!

kind of stepped on this poor thing on my way to the bathroom!  didn’t come down on it, but my foot brushed over it – which is how i discovered it!  hadn’t been there long as it felt warm as i carried it to the compost bin – wrapped in a paper towel!!  dang cat!!





and now i must  attempt to get some more work done.  tom got home late and not in good shape after a trip to the dr. because of his back.  he was a little dopey from meds, so no work done on the rack – except i did get him to do the one cut that was the fix for the slight design flaw. ^_^  i will do my best to finish it today, i think.  there is a game tonight, so there won’t be a lot of time available.

did a quick mini kit inventory so i at least know what i need if i so choose.  will probably see where i am fabric-wise and then choose whether to bother cutting.  still need to make the trip to off max for the copies for the last two new designs – the tulips and the #17.  kits are cut and folded for those.  covers printed – just waiting for the actual patterns!

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