and so it begins – 6 weeks on the road.  i leave early early morning – off to ft bragg for the first one.  hoping to drive back home sunday night – 5 hrs will get me in here late, but i only have monday at home before heading to albuquerque tues morning.  been a long time since i’ve done that kind of distance – alone.  was just thinking, i used to drive back and forth between cin’ti and boston several times each year.  and i always did it straight thru, over night.  15 – 18 hrs, depending on whether i stopped for a short nap.  yahoo says this trip is 16 1/2 hrs – so no reason to worry!!  not planning to do it straight thru – not in the rv.  that thing does make me tired!

and so it goes – not in good spirits at the moment.  my celtics just lost a game – at home!!  and just been in a semi funk all day.  preshow jitters, i guess.  and wondering about so many in a row.  also skipped lunch and nothing much healthy for dinner.  just one of those off days all the way around. ^_^  be fine once i get to the show.  wonder how many folks will be on the road already tomorrow – for the holiday.  hope not so many.  and i am definitely glad the wind seemed to be dying this afternoon.  been very gusty around here!  tough driving that big box in the wind.

love and beauty