in a koa.  will be leaving here soon as i shower, etc and have just 85 more miles to get to the show.  today is about setup and then to the next rv park and a bit of rest before the show opens tomorrow morning.

it’s a long drive – 1115 miles, says yahoo.  i had to haul it yesterday after dawdling and not caring.  decided i really did want to see the celtics’ game AND wanted wifi to do some financial stuff.  that meant, given where i was, i had to do 250 miles asap to get to this place – the only one listed in my good sam book (with both amenities).  and i also had to stop for gas.  and there was a mightly crosswind.  the gods were with me tho, and the wind shifted while i was getting gas, thus giving me a tailwind for the better part of the trip.  i actually had to use the cruise control in order to stay below the 75 mph limit!  where before, it was all i could do to do get to 65!  unfortunately, that did change at the end – plus there were several construction zones.  i can say that this highway (I-40) is in dire need of being replaced!  still a pain to deal with.  so, i arrived just before halftime.  just as well, i missed the only lousy part of the game when they seemed to try to give it away!  now i just have to work out logistics to make sure i see the next one (or two).

ok, time to shower and get on the road again.  hopefully setup will go faster than last week!  that was an odd shape and the first time for the new rack, etc.  still, that makes this one a first time as well – in terms of what i have to hang and what goes where on tables.  and different tables, etc.  each one is different, no matter what.

love and beauty