June 2008

well, the opportunity quilt had an unfortunate ‘incident’ that resulted in a bit of damage.  so far, no one has owned up to it, so we can only speculate how anyone could shove a pole thru 4 layers of fabric (and quilting) (altho i think none of the actual stitches were torn).  so, my friend carla (THE quilter) and i put our heads together and eventually came up with a solution.  ok, the final plan was carla’s idea!  she’s  just a little more of a ‘free thinker’ than i – creatively. ^_^

i don’t have a picture of the whole quilt that shows all 3 of these little babies – am just giving you a peek.  truth is, i think the quilt might even look better with them – so, all is well.

these are not the two that hide the small tear.  they are the ones added for balance and integrity – so to speak.  i think they look just perfect flitting about in the bamboo. ^_^

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the smoke seems worse today than yesterday.  can now see it right in our own yard, not just off in the distance.  nasty.  yes, can certainly smell it.

ok, i just had to take some pictures of this plant.  i mean, have you ever seen a thistle plant this large?  not sure i have.  and i didn’t think the wild ones had such colorful flowers.  guess i just missed them before.  the goldfinches are really going to love it when it  goes to seed. 

   ok, let’s see if i can get the other two pictures in right.  program giving me fits, here.

        ok, that one is good. 

and there you have them.  sure would like to figure out a way to do one in applique.  probably have to embroider that bloom.  we shall see.

now it’s time to get  back to it here.  have spent the day doing paperworkd so far.  now it’s time to get up to the garage and get those tubs back in order.  i really threw things in at last teardown.  i was just so ready to be out of there.  plus, i had some help and i wanted to make the most of it!   was able to get it all put away, so we could take down the walls and get everything hauled out to the rv.  still took me awhile to get it all into the rv after he left. ^_^

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kind of exciting news, actually.  got a call last week from a woman who had talked to me at the show in hollister about the possibility of putting my framed pieces in the gift shop of a quilt museum in san jose!!  she got the job and does, indeed, want to carry my work in the gift shop.  it is the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles – in case you live around here.  there is also the possibility, upon approval from her boss, that they would use these for gifts given to a group of people visiting from china!!

so, here is the first one i am sending – for the ‘audition’, if you will.  first picture is just the applique and the second is it in the frame.  that one i had to take from the side a bit in order to avoid the flash reflecting in the ‘glass’ (plexi).









pardon the wrinkled towel around it, just had to  cover the stuff on my table.  am in the middle of lots of stuff and didn’t have time to be a professional photographer. ^_^

so, now i just have to get busy and do many more asap.  and keep your fingers crossed that ‘the boss’ likes it well enough to use as the gift.  wouldn’t that be fun! ^_^

ok, off to my friend carla’s house to deal with the opportunity quilt.  yep, have some additional ‘work’ to do due to someone being just a tad careless.  however, i think it will end up being ‘even better’.  that’s MY story and i’m stickin to it!

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interesting life i lead. ^_^

the smoke is heavy in the air – from fires all around us.  you can even smell it now.  scary !!  just talked to erv and he said it’s mostly brush fires, not trees.  sure glad i don’t have asthma.  most be really tough on those folks. 

as for the bats – well, i awoke just after midnight to discover something flying around my bedroom.  turned on the light, and there it was, circling the fan.  hmmm.  pretty good size – close to sparrow size with maybe shorter wingspan – tho not much.  ok, get myself and sophie over to the door and out.  did that. (as well as turned off the fan) then decided to peek in and see if it showed any signs of actually looking for the open window.  WHAT?!  now there are TWO!  that is not the way it was supposed to go.  then, as i watched, one of them flew ‘into’ the wall and just literally disappeared!  like when a magician makes things disappear – just gone!  well, there is a (length of)space between the wall and ceiling, less that an inch wide i’m sure.  and that bugger landed right by it and was gone – like, poof!!

ok, i realize this is just not going to end any time soon, cause next time i look, there are 2 again.  so i decide to give up and go back to bed.  before i did that, mr pepe made his entrance thru that open window – which got their attention, so they flew kind of close to investigate – which nearly got them in trouble.  but soon, pepe tired of watching and just came on in.  later, when he was on the other window sill, and after i had returned to bed, but not turned out the light – one of them got a little too close to pepe and i think he managed to touch it, but didn’t hurt it, i guess.  it flew a little lower for a couple rounds and then disappeared again.  geeezzz.

eventually i just turned out the light for good – after a few times of turning it back on – and finally went to sleep.  no sign of them in the morning light.  however, i must assume they are living in my walls.  i have  decided to consider it ‘green’ mosquito control. ^_^  next time (?) i will get camera and take a picture. 

as i said – at least interesting. ^_^

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been home since driving home like a mad woman sunday night.  i was determined to see at least the end of that basketball game.  turns out tom didn’t start it till late enough that i was able to see the whole second half – which was the only half worth watching for a celtics’ fan!  still, they didn’t quite do it.  however – they certainly made up for that last night!! wow!!!  and much better to win at home.

as for the show?  well, father’s day is no better day for a quilt show than mother’s day!!  big surprise.  hah!  those folks in monterey just need to get it together!  find a place, pick a date and stay with it long enough for people to find them! (and, thus ‘us’).  made a little money and got to be cool for 3 days, not all bad.  however, at this point i haven’t figured out the ‘saving grace’, so to speak.  guess just the fact that i didn’t lose money???

so, now, i am once again preparing for yet another show.  going to be as hot this weekend as i was cool last, i think.  carson city, nv.  not such a long drive anyway.  just not a quick one – up the winding mountain road.  am taking the rv, and sophie.  that means tomorrow is ‘big switch’ day.  ugh.  been busy cutting kits the past two days.  tomorrow i’ll be hefting tubs and tables, etc.

today is tom’s birthday – 45!!  how can your kid be older than you are?? ^_^  i used to cook birthday dinners for everyone – when the teens were not teens and still living here.  i offered, he declined.  he made cin’ti chili yesterday and we were going to just have that again.  then just a bit ago he said we were all going out for dinner.  he/we didn’t do anything for any of the teens birthdays and they are all here, so it’s to be a 4-birthday dinner.  guess i’ll offer to foot half the bill, cause i didn’t do anything either.

oops, just remembered i have a little something to give him.  also need to find out when we are leaving.  need to smear some makeup on my face and change clothes.  i guess.

stay cool!  love and beauty    www.artfullyapplique.com

last day at home, that is.  having only 2 full days here this time.  got back late tues afternoon from santa rosa show and my monthly appointment in san anselmo.

the show was great!  finally!  so have just a tiny bit of breathing space just now – not much, but enough to get me to the next one.  i will be leaving for monterey early in the morning.  not taking the rv.  so that means sophie stays home.  she got to go to santa rosa and stayed with ruth in petaluma – as did i.  all in all, that was a lovely time had by all. ^_^  i even booked a class at the new shop in san anselmo and a tentative class and lecture with the petaluma guild.  yea!!

not sure what to expect in monterey.  new venue – that sometimes makes it difficult for folks to find it.  also, they didn’t even do a show last year – due to the location problems. sooooo – sure hope they have done their publicity work!  that’s been a bit of a problem for the other smaller shows this year so far.  which makes it a big problem for vendors.  cross your fingers. ^_^  i still have plenty of bills to pay!

not much else to report.  beginning to cut kits to prepare for the two big (huge) shows in july.  and i still have 3 small ones before that – so just need to plan ahead!  if i can at least get them cut, i can always fold as i go – so to speak.

i will have wifi this weekend, so perhaps i’ll report in. so for now

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another d-day minus one.  am nearly ready, just a few kits to assemble and i plan to cut more half yards to sell.  sold several in albq.  don’t expect to at this one, as myra and other fabric folks will be there – but ya just never know.  always good to have it there.  surely can’t sell it sitting on these shelves on the bolts.  no, not in the fabric business, but sometimes i buy things that don’t get used.  and sometimes i have bought a whole bolt and it takes a long time to use.  need to keep things in flow.

been trying to get rested before the next go-round.  after i unloaded the rv on tues, i took it to erv’s new ‘home’ – another storage yard – and we washed the outside and then i vacuumed the inside.  only a year + of sand an dirt gathered from oregon to nm!  and the outside!  oh my!  while my storage space is covered – it’s not so great.  roof leaks and there are pigeons!  need i say more?  add the black road dirt. yuk!  looks better now.  probably won’t rain here again for a long time.

so, now i must get to it.  i won’t be home again until tues afternoon.  staying over monday to see shrink on tues.  no sense driving all those miles back and forth when i’ll be so close – like about 20 min away.

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still not home – at a rest area about 230 miles away.  to the person who sent the nice comment – my tires must have used 8 lives before i got them! 😦  i have just gone thru one of my top 10 worst thoughts/fears, etc.  a blowout, right front, at 65 mph and in the center lane on hwy 99 just north of bakersfield.  looking back, i can say it must have been funny to watch – me trying to get this rig off the road – after successfully maintaining control, that is – and sophie scared by the noise, trying to get into my lap.  whew – somehow we made it safely to the side.

i can now say that good sam has paid for itself.  while i was waiting for the guy to come change the tire, i realized i really should have just requested a tow truck to take me to the nearest tire store!!  there was no way i was going to attempt the last 255 miles with that other bad tire still on there!  oh well – hind sight, ya know.

guy comes, gets tire changed – spare turned out to be brand new.  he says up the road at delano, about 15 miles, just get off there – lots of tire stores right there.

yeah, right.  i get to the delano ‘exit’, well – discover there are actually 3! of them.  ok, now what???   take the first – nothing there.  so take the feeder/frontage road and go into ‘town’.  found a place, mexican – new and used.  nope, only a used one like mine.  so, he directs me to another place.  also small mexican place.  long story short, he puts on a tire that is very close.  same brand, just a little heavier duty.  gives me a great price and does it pronto!!!  i must say it is a pleasure to not hear all that noise from the old tires.  and there is no vibration/wobble or pulling.  all is well.  ok, cept for the wheel well and running board.  will need a little repair work in that area.

so, am in this rest area – resting.  waiting for both the temp and the traffic to lessen.  and the wind.  bout had all i can handle of that dang wind!  i think it is the reason the fridge keeps going off.  ???  never had the problem before.  unless the propane gauge isn’t working properly, i still have more than a 1/4 tank. could just be low?  seems i learn new stuff every time i use this thing.  and never spent a whole week in it before.

ok, sophie is bugging me.  it his her time and i guess she’s ready.  she’s also had enough of this nonsense.  it was plenty hot, windy and noisy waiting along the highway.  nice here right now.  found some shade.

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well, can’t say the show itself was much – i barely made expenses, excluding the booth fee.  that is, assuming i get back home with no mishaps.  however, several potentially good things came out of it – which is often the case.  i never discount a show for ‘itself’, i just look for what else is showing up.

in this case, looks like i’ll be at a show that happens in bend, or – during the ‘famous’ week prior to the even more ‘famous’ one day outdoor show in sisters.  i am thrilled.  also, i will be coming back here next year to teach and talk – probably.  and i may even be back here next year for the really big show.  so, i am happy i came.

having said that, it is sunday morning and i am looking at about 1100 miles before i see home again.  with tires that are at least noisy – tho i have been (relatively) assured they are ‘safe’.  keep your fingers crossed! ^_^

so, a bite to eat and i am off. 

love and beauty   www.artfullyapplique.com