well, can’t say the show itself was much – i barely made expenses, excluding the booth fee.  that is, assuming i get back home with no mishaps.  however, several potentially good things came out of it – which is often the case.  i never discount a show for ‘itself’, i just look for what else is showing up.

in this case, looks like i’ll be at a show that happens in bend, or – during the ‘famous’ week prior to the even more ‘famous’ one day outdoor show in sisters.  i am thrilled.  also, i will be coming back here next year to teach and talk – probably.  and i may even be back here next year for the really big show.  so, i am happy i came.

having said that, it is sunday morning and i am looking at about 1100 miles before i see home again.  with tires that are at least noisy – tho i have been (relatively) assured they are ‘safe’.  keep your fingers crossed! ^_^

so, a bite to eat and i am off. 

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