still not home – at a rest area about 230 miles away.  to the person who sent the nice comment – my tires must have used 8 lives before i got them! 😦  i have just gone thru one of my top 10 worst thoughts/fears, etc.  a blowout, right front, at 65 mph and in the center lane on hwy 99 just north of bakersfield.  looking back, i can say it must have been funny to watch – me trying to get this rig off the road – after successfully maintaining control, that is – and sophie scared by the noise, trying to get into my lap.  whew – somehow we made it safely to the side.

i can now say that good sam has paid for itself.  while i was waiting for the guy to come change the tire, i realized i really should have just requested a tow truck to take me to the nearest tire store!!  there was no way i was going to attempt the last 255 miles with that other bad tire still on there!  oh well – hind sight, ya know.

guy comes, gets tire changed – spare turned out to be brand new.  he says up the road at delano, about 15 miles, just get off there – lots of tire stores right there.

yeah, right.  i get to the delano ‘exit’, well – discover there are actually 3! of them.  ok, now what???   take the first – nothing there.  so take the feeder/frontage road and go into ‘town’.  found a place, mexican – new and used.  nope, only a used one like mine.  so, he directs me to another place.  also small mexican place.  long story short, he puts on a tire that is very close.  same brand, just a little heavier duty.  gives me a great price and does it pronto!!!  i must say it is a pleasure to not hear all that noise from the old tires.  and there is no vibration/wobble or pulling.  all is well.  ok, cept for the wheel well and running board.  will need a little repair work in that area.

so, am in this rest area – resting.  waiting for both the temp and the traffic to lessen.  and the wind.  bout had all i can handle of that dang wind!  i think it is the reason the fridge keeps going off.  ???  never had the problem before.  unless the propane gauge isn’t working properly, i still have more than a 1/4 tank. could just be low?  seems i learn new stuff every time i use this thing.  and never spent a whole week in it before.

ok, sophie is bugging me.  it his her time and i guess she’s ready.  she’s also had enough of this nonsense.  it was plenty hot, windy and noisy waiting along the highway.  nice here right now.  found some shade.

love and beauty