another d-day minus one.  am nearly ready, just a few kits to assemble and i plan to cut more half yards to sell.  sold several in albq.  don’t expect to at this one, as myra and other fabric folks will be there – but ya just never know.  always good to have it there.  surely can’t sell it sitting on these shelves on the bolts.  no, not in the fabric business, but sometimes i buy things that don’t get used.  and sometimes i have bought a whole bolt and it takes a long time to use.  need to keep things in flow.

been trying to get rested before the next go-round.  after i unloaded the rv on tues, i took it to erv’s new ‘home’ – another storage yard – and we washed the outside and then i vacuumed the inside.  only a year + of sand an dirt gathered from oregon to nm!  and the outside!  oh my!  while my storage space is covered – it’s not so great.  roof leaks and there are pigeons!  need i say more?  add the black road dirt. yuk!  looks better now.  probably won’t rain here again for a long time.

so, now i must get to it.  i won’t be home again until tues afternoon.  staying over monday to see shrink on tues.  no sense driving all those miles back and forth when i’ll be so close – like about 20 min away.

love and beauty