last day at home, that is.  having only 2 full days here this time.  got back late tues afternoon from santa rosa show and my monthly appointment in san anselmo.

the show was great!  finally!  so have just a tiny bit of breathing space just now – not much, but enough to get me to the next one.  i will be leaving for monterey early in the morning.  not taking the rv.  so that means sophie stays home.  she got to go to santa rosa and stayed with ruth in petaluma – as did i.  all in all, that was a lovely time had by all. ^_^  i even booked a class at the new shop in san anselmo and a tentative class and lecture with the petaluma guild.  yea!!

not sure what to expect in monterey.  new venue – that sometimes makes it difficult for folks to find it.  also, they didn’t even do a show last year – due to the location problems. sooooo – sure hope they have done their publicity work!  that’s been a bit of a problem for the other smaller shows this year so far.  which makes it a big problem for vendors.  cross your fingers. ^_^  i still have plenty of bills to pay!

not much else to report.  beginning to cut kits to prepare for the two big (huge) shows in july.  and i still have 3 small ones before that – so just need to plan ahead!  if i can at least get them cut, i can always fold as i go – so to speak.

i will have wifi this weekend, so perhaps i’ll report in. so for now

love and beauty