been home since driving home like a mad woman sunday night.  i was determined to see at least the end of that basketball game.  turns out tom didn’t start it till late enough that i was able to see the whole second half – which was the only half worth watching for a celtics’ fan!  still, they didn’t quite do it.  however – they certainly made up for that last night!! wow!!!  and much better to win at home.

as for the show?  well, father’s day is no better day for a quilt show than mother’s day!!  big surprise.  hah!  those folks in monterey just need to get it together!  find a place, pick a date and stay with it long enough for people to find them! (and, thus ‘us’).  made a little money and got to be cool for 3 days, not all bad.  however, at this point i haven’t figured out the ‘saving grace’, so to speak.  guess just the fact that i didn’t lose money???

so, now, i am once again preparing for yet another show.  going to be as hot this weekend as i was cool last, i think.  carson city, nv.  not such a long drive anyway.  just not a quick one – up the winding mountain road.  am taking the rv, and sophie.  that means tomorrow is ‘big switch’ day.  ugh.  been busy cutting kits the past two days.  tomorrow i’ll be hefting tubs and tables, etc.

today is tom’s birthday – 45!!  how can your kid be older than you are?? ^_^  i used to cook birthday dinners for everyone – when the teens were not teens and still living here.  i offered, he declined.  he made cin’ti chili yesterday and we were going to just have that again.  then just a bit ago he said we were all going out for dinner.  he/we didn’t do anything for any of the teens birthdays and they are all here, so it’s to be a 4-birthday dinner.  guess i’ll offer to foot half the bill, cause i didn’t do anything either.

oops, just remembered i have a little something to give him.  also need to find out when we are leaving.  need to smear some makeup on my face and change clothes.  i guess.

stay cool!  love and beauty