interesting life i lead. ^_^

the smoke is heavy in the air – from fires all around us.  you can even smell it now.  scary !!  just talked to erv and he said it’s mostly brush fires, not trees.  sure glad i don’t have asthma.  most be really tough on those folks. 

as for the bats – well, i awoke just after midnight to discover something flying around my bedroom.  turned on the light, and there it was, circling the fan.  hmmm.  pretty good size – close to sparrow size with maybe shorter wingspan – tho not much.  ok, get myself and sophie over to the door and out.  did that. (as well as turned off the fan) then decided to peek in and see if it showed any signs of actually looking for the open window.  WHAT?!  now there are TWO!  that is not the way it was supposed to go.  then, as i watched, one of them flew ‘into’ the wall and just literally disappeared!  like when a magician makes things disappear – just gone!  well, there is a (length of)space between the wall and ceiling, less that an inch wide i’m sure.  and that bugger landed right by it and was gone – like, poof!!

ok, i realize this is just not going to end any time soon, cause next time i look, there are 2 again.  so i decide to give up and go back to bed.  before i did that, mr pepe made his entrance thru that open window – which got their attention, so they flew kind of close to investigate – which nearly got them in trouble.  but soon, pepe tired of watching and just came on in.  later, when he was on the other window sill, and after i had returned to bed, but not turned out the light – one of them got a little too close to pepe and i think he managed to touch it, but didn’t hurt it, i guess.  it flew a little lower for a couple rounds and then disappeared again.  geeezzz.

eventually i just turned out the light for good – after a few times of turning it back on – and finally went to sleep.  no sign of them in the morning light.  however, i must assume they are living in my walls.  i have  decided to consider it ‘green’ mosquito control. ^_^  next time (?) i will get camera and take a picture. 

as i said – at least interesting. ^_^

love and beauty