kind of exciting news, actually.  got a call last week from a woman who had talked to me at the show in hollister about the possibility of putting my framed pieces in the gift shop of a quilt museum in san jose!!  she got the job and does, indeed, want to carry my work in the gift shop.  it is the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles – in case you live around here.  there is also the possibility, upon approval from her boss, that they would use these for gifts given to a group of people visiting from china!!

so, here is the first one i am sending – for the ‘audition’, if you will.  first picture is just the applique and the second is it in the frame.  that one i had to take from the side a bit in order to avoid the flash reflecting in the ‘glass’ (plexi).









pardon the wrinkled towel around it, just had to  cover the stuff on my table.  am in the middle of lots of stuff and didn’t have time to be a professional photographer. ^_^

so, now i just have to get busy and do many more asap.  and keep your fingers crossed that ‘the boss’ likes it well enough to use as the gift.  wouldn’t that be fun! ^_^

ok, off to my friend carla’s house to deal with the opportunity quilt.  yep, have some additional ‘work’ to do due to someone being just a tad careless.  however, i think it will end up being ‘even better’.  that’s MY story and i’m stickin to it!

love and beauty