the smoke seems worse today than yesterday.  can now see it right in our own yard, not just off in the distance.  nasty.  yes, can certainly smell it.

ok, i just had to take some pictures of this plant.  i mean, have you ever seen a thistle plant this large?  not sure i have.  and i didn’t think the wild ones had such colorful flowers.  guess i just missed them before.  the goldfinches are really going to love it when it  goes to seed. 

   ok, let’s see if i can get the other two pictures in right.  program giving me fits, here.

        ok, that one is good. 

and there you have them.  sure would like to figure out a way to do one in applique.  probably have to embroider that bloom.  we shall see.

now it’s time to get  back to it here.  have spent the day doing paperworkd so far.  now it’s time to get up to the garage and get those tubs back in order.  i really threw things in at last teardown.  i was just so ready to be out of there.  plus, i had some help and i wanted to make the most of it!   was able to get it all put away, so we could take down the walls and get everything hauled out to the rv.  still took me awhile to get it all into the rv after he left. ^_^

love and beauty