well, the opportunity quilt had an unfortunate ‘incident’ that resulted in a bit of damage.  so far, no one has owned up to it, so we can only speculate how anyone could shove a pole thru 4 layers of fabric (and quilting) (altho i think none of the actual stitches were torn).  so, my friend carla (THE quilter) and i put our heads together and eventually came up with a solution.  ok, the final plan was carla’s idea!  she’s  just a little more of a ‘free thinker’ than i – creatively. ^_^

i don’t have a picture of the whole quilt that shows all 3 of these little babies – am just giving you a peek.  truth is, i think the quilt might even look better with them – so, all is well.

these are not the two that hide the small tear.  they are the ones added for balance and integrity – so to speak.  i think they look just perfect flitting about in the bamboo. ^_^

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