July 2008

been home since about 5:30a.m. monday – long drive, with a stop to sleep a couple hours.  was truly falling asleep at the wheel by the time i got to sac.  turned off the highway and onto surface road in folsom area.  stopped in a shopping mall and got out to move a bit, then followed that road until i had to get back onto hwy 50.  from there on up the hill i was fine and it seemed to go very quickly. hmmm

as for the show – it was great.  i did very well and will definitely go back next year.  there were some problems – do not understand howcome convention centers have such godawful docks!  i mean, they really just don’t work!!  so setup and teardown were a bit of a deal for the vendors – i mean, i sat in line for over an hour just to get into dock area for setup – and that was afternoon of second day.  soooo, you can just imagine what it was like at the end when everyone was leaving at the same time.  i didn’t even bother!!  and that meant carting my stuff all the way back and across that huge room – just to get to the outside – and then thru the dock area and across the street (at least 5 lanes wide) into a small parking lot.  me and several other people!!  and, no, it was not all flat ground.  more than one load fell off a cart!  not mine tho.

as for attendees – well they had their own problems on friday due to the sheer numbers!!  city not quite expecting so many.  somewhat corrected on sat.  i spect they will know and do better next year!!

i am now preparing to head back down that way to yorba linda.  again be leaving wee hours on friday to arrive for setup at 1:00.  no rest for the weary, they say. ^_^

so here’s a picture i took last week – another visitor to the thistle.

only problem i’m gonna have is not allowing a million more of these to come up next year cause i know this one is gonna do some serious seed dropping!

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am doing my best to make the most of this day i didn’t think i had.  ok, mostly just taking it easy – and getting the last of the stuff together.  just took up the last tub and stuffed it into the van.  it’s a little tighter than usual in there.  have those 4 large boxes full of glass nailfiles taking up a big chunk of space.  hmm, i think i told her i was coming in on wed.  sure hope she didn’t get there today and panic.  didn’t take her very long to set up in bend, so i know she doesn’t need much time.  i plan to get there around noon and that will still leave 8 hrs for setup.  even i can do it in 8 hrs. ^_^

noticed the thistle had another visitor this morning, so took a picture.  once again, he (she?) was way too busy to worry about me and the camera.

ok, back to gathering things for the suitcase.  also must make a quick trip to the store and the bank.  not sure if i will walk today.  have been faithfully out there for about a week now, i think.  it does help when those negative thoughts try to drag you down that dark alley!!  for some reason that bad!!! show in bend had a major effect on me.  been tough to shake the ‘blues’ ever since. grrrr  am trusting that long beach will turn that right around!!  so,   see ya there!! ^_^

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enjoying having one more day than i thought.  it will be a long hard day when i do leave early thurs morning, so am doing my best to r&r.  ended up teaching the real class yesterday rather than just doing casual hints, etc.  two women from the sutter creek guild who can’t attend the guild class on aug 9th.  really nice to have the extra day after that as i hadn’t planned on being gone quite that long yesterday.

let’s see if i can insert that picture today –  of the new fused sample.

 ok, good to know it wasn’t a problem with my file.  anyway, never done this one in green before.  i like it a lot.  course, i am a green person. ^_^

ok, time to get crackin here.  will have to include a trip to carla’s house in my schedule.  she has finished the  simple(r) flowers 4 block wallhanging.  am very curious to see what she did.  this time i just let her do what she wanted – within my ‘known’ preferences, that is. ^_^

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just spent a harrowing few hours with this computer.  i was trying to clean up whatever had been slowing it down – was beginning to really bug me.  in the process it decided to just not hook itself to the internet, period.  grrrr.  i eventually found the right combination of repair, restart, shutdown, turnoff, unplug etc etc!  i was just trying to get online so i could reinstall the adaware program – the newer version.  my old one had stopped working over a year ago and i had never done anything about it.  after talking to brother, found out i had best dump the nonworking version and download newer version.  finally able to do that and i think it is a little faster now.  sure a lot cleaner, so to speak. ^_^

and now, i must get back to cutting.  at least i was able to keep doing that during the defrag and then the virus scan.  i think i have just one mini to cut – and probably need to do a quickie sample for it as i had to change the fabrics completely.

oh, and here’s the latest kit for #10.  rather like it.  first time done in greens.

well, that didn’t work.  tried two diferent times and just couldn’t download the image.  not sure what that’s about.  maybe i’ll try one i’ve already been able to bring in.  maybe it’s not my problem??

that didn’t work either so i will just quit trying for now.  seems not to be my day to mess with this dang thing.

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got several pictures of this lovely creature.  it seemed quite ok with me being there clicking away.

and speaking of critters and such – been a busy yard lately.  saw a fox walk across the other day – in broad daylight.  good size, too.  of course the deer have been very frequent visitors lately, tho not a sign of the twins again.  and the squirrels – my, my.  they normally stay in the trees and out of what we call ‘yard’ – still our property, but just wild.  sometimes they get close to my cottage up there and drop those huge pinecones on my roof!  these days they are coming all the way into the plum trees out front.  and this morning, there was one on my little porch!  headed for the fountain for a drink, i spect.  been very hot and dry!  the plum tree in front had very little left on it when i got back – way less than the other one.  i thought it was the lack of sun that was having them fall.  now i think it’s the squirrel taking them.  just saw him steal one a little bit ago. ^_^

and yesterday it was definitely ‘exciting’.  BIG brownish red dog in the yard.  thought it was the same one that shows up now and then, but he was acting quite different.  not as laid back and mellow.  and roxy definitely not just ‘ignoring’ him.  fortunately the little dogs were both in here.  his tongue was half the size of mocha’s whole body!  i went up to ‘help’ candace deal with him and realized it was NOT the same dog we usually see.  this one had been neutered and the one other is very obviously still intact.  this guy was being a bit of a pest.  candace tried calling the pound, didn’t have much luck getting to a live person, so decided to stop there on her way to the store.  the new building is essentially right down the hill behind me, and on placerville drive.  she called me from there saying they wanted me to ‘keep the dog here’ so they could ‘drive by’.  huh??  can’t even do that here – drive by, i mean.  at that point, i thought he had left.  saw him walk around here, and past the shed out back.  thought he had gone down the hill.  discovered him back on my front porch a few minutes later.  he had followed me down here and discovered the big drinking fountain – which he really wanted to get into!  hot!  ok, (already) long story shortened – i called, got to an agent and a little while later a woman ‘deputy’ (is that what they are?) came for him.  by then he had taken up residency by my fridge out there, so barked at her as she came down the path.  silly dog.  he left with her nicely.  not his first trip to the pound from what they told candace.  have conerns that if he gets loose again he might come back.  while he seems harmless i know how these little dogs are and he may not be as docile as the other one.  HE just completely ignores them.

beginning to feel like i live in a zoo. ^_^  beats the city any day!!!

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safe and sound – ok, not so sure about the sound part.  had a bad night due to the fact that mr pepe decided to stay away until waking me around 6:00 this morning.  i hate it when he does that.  i mean, doesn’t show up soon after i get home.  i always worry that something has happened to him while i’ve been gone.  or, he has traded me in on someone more available. ^_^

it was a very long drive home.  i had to come the longer way in order to stop in south lake tahoe to pickup fabric i had ordered thru the shop up there.  i didn’t have time to dilly dally, which meant no resting.  i left bend about 8:00am, stopped in k. falls only long enough to get directions and didn’t stop again until carson city – for gas.  “only” $4.09, wow, what a bargain.  yes, 50 cents per gallon does add up!   so, arrived in south lake just after 5:00.  went thru a mighty thunder storm in reno – very very heavy rain that turned to hail for a bit.  freeway flooded – the whole bit.  then ran into high winds.  and coming down around the lake – the rain again.  it was so weird – i mean raining so hard you could barely see and so much water on the street you couldn’t see the markings.  came around the corner of the lake and by the time i was back in calif – no sign of rain at all.  in fact, penny said, when i talked about the rain in reno, “it didn’t rain here”.  oh yeah, you just weren’t where i was!! ^_^  it is about 4 miles from the border to her shop on tahoe blvd.  amazing.  she admitted the lights had been flickering due to the lightening.

left there and headed out for the last hour drive to get here.  there is construction.  that held me up a bit and created a parade of cars all the way down the mountain.  not slow, and not bunched together – just many cars going the same way. ^_^  needless to say i was sooooo glad to see placerville exit!

i realized the mountain picture i put in here last time was really hard to see.  so here it is as processed the way i usually do.  i will use the thumbnail option in hopes that you can actually SEE the mountains.

this may not actually be any better.  oh well, still a pretty sunrise. ^_^

the next pictures are ones i just took.  deer.  and these two look like yearlings.  so, maybe she didn’t lose those twins, maybe they just stopped traveling with her???  definitely a male and female.  i used the setting on my camera that allows for rapid capture, so to speak.  (sports setting) so here are the 3 i got.  they are very skittish as you can see.  he came back a few minutes later and i tried it again.  not as successful.


                                     ok, tried to get them all in a row.  sometimes i do have trouble with the inserting.  and now i’ve lost the second one. grrrrr. see if i can put it here.

so, there you have it.  if you look closely you can see the female’s rear as she exits right.  he is gone down the hill, behind the tank. ^_^

and now i must see if i can accomplish something today.  do need to get ready for my 3 minutes on stage tomorrow at ncqc.  more about that tomorrow.

hmmm, heard that hawk screeching up there when i got home late yesterday.  there it is again.  sounds like someone blowing a whistle.  wonder what that’s about.

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so far, so bad.  so to speak.  once again, promises of a great day, etc.  barely have i made booth fee so far. pitiful when it takes 3 days just to do that!  those poor people yesterday were just plain fried’  all that sun and looking at over 1000 quilts!  they were ‘done’!  i don’t think anyone will be returning next year – of the vendors, that is.  too bad.  there are some of the best who do shows.  and some that are just fun.  but – we just can’t afford to lose money, not to mention the time away from being able to do something productive, if nothing else!!  for me – it’s even more about the disappointment!!!   grrr

ok, coffee is ready and so must i soon be.  we are to be there at 9:00 today to serve the crowd who will be busting down the doors by 8:00.   yeah, right.

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i can only say it is not (so far) at all what i expected.  while i had hoped to come home with pockets filled to overflowing – my goal at this point is to just break even.  sad, but true – for now.   today is another day and things can turn around in the blink of an eye.  so, at some level, i remain ‘hopeful’.  yet, it has been a struggle to keep my evil side from dragging me down that long dark tube of despair. ^_^  holding my own so far.  this is a new show, as well as a ‘rennegade’ event with regard to the ‘real’ sisters event(s).  and not a welcome addition for those folks.  i have heard from those who are tuffing it out again (as in were here last year) because they think it will be good in the long run – that there have been twice as many people this year.  still, not the ‘crazy’ shoppers we expected.  only time will tell.  chin up, old girl!

however, doom and gloom is not the purpose of this post!  it is to show you how beautiful this area is.  this picture was taken out the bathroom window, so the foreground is less than ideal – just check out the mountains in the distance!

it is sunrise time and it is truly lovely.  i probably won’t see much else of the local beauty again today.  the show goes until 7pm, ugh, as it has for both previous days.  tomorrow it closes at 3:00.  i will not be heading out until monday morning.  decided to be good to myself for a change and get some rest before driving that 8-9 hrs.  plus, there are long stretches of just about nothing no matter which route you take.  i am headed to south lake tahoe to pick up fabric on the way home.  haven’t been that route, but talked to someone who travels it and been warned of a long stretch of nothing – make sure gas tank is full! ^_^  oh, and 2-lane road.  just as it is on 97 from i-5 to here.  (going 395 back).  ahhhh, the adventures of a roadie. ^_^

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not a great day 1, to say the least.  have heard lots of talk about this show – none of which what i expected.  still, i think it will be ok in the end.  and as for future years, i predict it will grow and prosper, so i am glad to have gotten in now.  i am pretty certain i won’t lose money – just may not make as much as i had hoped??  still, ya just never know.

the weather has cooled, so that is a very good thing.  and i have a fabulous room – not ultra-modern, a little dated, in fact.  but, a full kitchen!  i mean, the works.  way more than i have at home.  and the room part is very large – i have a king bed.  found a fellow vendor with no place to stay, so have some relief finacially.  and she had her choice of the sofa bed or the extra cot already in here.  great water pressure in the shower with lots of hot water. ^_^  life is good.

so, we will go for it again tomorrow.  don’t forget to stop by if you are in the area.  i know lots of people come to sisters for the show and hardly anyone knows about this vendor mall at the river house hotel/inn in bend.  it’s right on 3rd st.  come on down. ^_^

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no, didn’t get a picture, but

just saw a beautiful sight outside this big window.  momma deer has twins, again.  they are still tiny – still have lots of spots.  so cute.  and still very skittish.  didn’t have time to take a picture as they took off soon as i got near the window.  sophie had been indicating something out there.  didn’t see anything out front, then heard the rustle on the side.  sure hope she has better luck raising them this year.  lost them both last year, not sure to what.  cars?  tough surviving with all the new construction – home depot, houses and highway.  had seen a lone large buck cross the yard just the other day.  dad? ^_^

ok, time to get back to it here.  last day.  need to leave very early a.m.  no later than 6:00 if i drive straight thru.  earlier if i want to stop and rest a bit on the way.  will have 4-5 hours of setup once i get there.  tough life for an old broad.  (now when’s the last time you heard that word?) ^_^ (remember all the hub bub about it way back then!?)

expect to have wifi in the hotel in bend, so will talk to ya then.  or just “come on down” (or up, as the case may be)  riverhouse hotel is where the show is.

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