just one week to get myself ready for bend, oregon.  however, today i am going to spend my time getting another mini started.  and here’s the picture of the second one.  i shipped them both to the museum yesterday, so she should have them today.  sure hope she likes them!!!  while i won’t be getting as much for each one as when i sell them myself – i am hoping there is sufficient volume to make it ok.  not to mention great ‘exposure’!

      i am planning to stick to the simpler ones for now – hoping to be able to get more done that way.  while they all go pretty fast, some of them do have a lot of pieces and can take longer.

my plan is to sew for most of the day and then to do some fabric folding while vegging in front of hgtv this evening.  tomorrow i will once again attempt to do an inventory of the kits that will allow me to really know what the heck i have!  for some reason i just haven’t gotten myself organized enough in that area.  it is because there are 3 different stages to consider.  there are the show tubs, which (obviously) need to be kept ‘stocked’.  and there are actually 2 different ones – well, 4, no 5, really.  for each of the two main series (ancient art & nearly nouveau) there is a tub that contains both kits and patterns.  then, there is a single tub that holds the ‘extra’ kits for both.  in addition, there’s also a tub for the simply flowers line – that has both patterns and kits in it.  oh, and then there is the tub with the mini’s.  PLUS, there are additional extra kits stored in the garage.

ok, all of that is for ‘finished’ kits.  then there is the new filing system in here that contains all the kits that i’ve cut and not yet folded and stuffed into bags along with their patterns (and, thus, ‘finished’).  it’s very good to know what i have so i don’t spend time cutting what i don’t really need! (just did that for one!)

soooo, i have now decided that my old brain really needs the ‘at home’ inventory (both cut and finished) on a separate sheet from the ‘show’ inventory!!  i am hoping that will allow me to keep better track of where the heck i am – inventory wise! ( i think the hard drive between my ears is getting overfull. ^_^  )

so, tomorrow i will first reorganize those show tubs – again.  and refill as i can.  then, i will once again count what’s (left) in the garage and also record at least a rough number of what has been cut.

sounds like a plan to me!

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