hmmm  they all seem just the same to me – i’m either on the road working or at home working.  but then, i only work at what i love to do, so probably should find another name for it. ^_^

i got the first two mini’s sent off to the san jose quilt museum – and she liked them.  yea!  i have now completed two more.  did the same design twice cause when i did the first one i realized it was a really easy and quick one to do.  am trying to get a few to her right away, so that seemed a good idea.  turns out they are similar in color as well.  i like them both.

         well, the last time i tried to do left and right it didn’t work like this.  i never know quite what to expect with inserting the pictures.  must be something i’m doing.  


guess we will go to the fairgrounds for the fireworks later.  haven’t talked to anybody up there.  we usually go just a little before.  it’s the getting back home part that takes forever.  it’s all of about 5 min away – 1min, if i were a crow!  but getting home can take 30 min if you make the wrong choice – which we (I?) did last year.  i think i will keep my mouth shut this time. ^_^

did finally get up to those tubs and do that kit count.  have a little better idea what i really really need before bend.  sooo, will be getting to that now.  i need some of the iris, and they have beads included, so will at least get those counted and bagged.  ok, don’t actually count them (used to), just try to put the same amount in each bag.  i think i still have 8 kits cut and ready, so will probably just fold those, for now.  sure wish i knew what to ‘expect’.  but, even if i could count on a gazillion people buying – still don’t know which ones will be the most popular.  it changes every show.  best i can do, if i run out, is offer to ship.  that usually works.  not like she’s gonna rush home and start on it tomorrow!  more like i’ll see her next year somewhere and hear how it’s not even started, yet! ^_^

happy 4th to you and yours.

love and beauty