no, didn’t get a picture, but

just saw a beautiful sight outside this big window.  momma deer has twins, again.  they are still tiny – still have lots of spots.  so cute.  and still very skittish.  didn’t have time to take a picture as they took off soon as i got near the window.  sophie had been indicating something out there.  didn’t see anything out front, then heard the rustle on the side.  sure hope she has better luck raising them this year.  lost them both last year, not sure to what.  cars?  tough surviving with all the new construction – home depot, houses and highway.  had seen a lone large buck cross the yard just the other day.  dad? ^_^

ok, time to get back to it here.  last day.  need to leave very early a.m.  no later than 6:00 if i drive straight thru.  earlier if i want to stop and rest a bit on the way.  will have 4-5 hours of setup once i get there.  tough life for an old broad.  (now when’s the last time you heard that word?) ^_^ (remember all the hub bub about it way back then!?)

expect to have wifi in the hotel in bend, so will talk to ya then.  or just “come on down” (or up, as the case may be)  riverhouse hotel is where the show is.

love and beauty