not a great day 1, to say the least.  have heard lots of talk about this show – none of which what i expected.  still, i think it will be ok in the end.  and as for future years, i predict it will grow and prosper, so i am glad to have gotten in now.  i am pretty certain i won’t lose money – just may not make as much as i had hoped??  still, ya just never know.

the weather has cooled, so that is a very good thing.  and i have a fabulous room – not ultra-modern, a little dated, in fact.  but, a full kitchen!  i mean, the works.  way more than i have at home.  and the room part is very large – i have a king bed.  found a fellow vendor with no place to stay, so have some relief finacially.  and she had her choice of the sofa bed or the extra cot already in here.  great water pressure in the shower with lots of hot water. ^_^  life is good.

so, we will go for it again tomorrow.  don’t forget to stop by if you are in the area.  i know lots of people come to sisters for the show and hardly anyone knows about this vendor mall at the river house hotel/inn in bend.  it’s right on 3rd st.  come on down. ^_^

love and beauty