i can only say it is not (so far) at all what i expected.  while i had hoped to come home with pockets filled to overflowing – my goal at this point is to just break even.  sad, but true – for now.   today is another day and things can turn around in the blink of an eye.  so, at some level, i remain ‘hopeful’.  yet, it has been a struggle to keep my evil side from dragging me down that long dark tube of despair. ^_^  holding my own so far.  this is a new show, as well as a ‘rennegade’ event with regard to the ‘real’ sisters event(s).  and not a welcome addition for those folks.  i have heard from those who are tuffing it out again (as in were here last year) because they think it will be good in the long run – that there have been twice as many people this year.  still, not the ‘crazy’ shoppers we expected.  only time will tell.  chin up, old girl!

however, doom and gloom is not the purpose of this post!  it is to show you how beautiful this area is.  this picture was taken out the bathroom window, so the foreground is less than ideal – just check out the mountains in the distance!

it is sunrise time and it is truly lovely.  i probably won’t see much else of the local beauty again today.  the show goes until 7pm, ugh, as it has for both previous days.  tomorrow it closes at 3:00.  i will not be heading out until monday morning.  decided to be good to myself for a change and get some rest before driving that 8-9 hrs.  plus, there are long stretches of just about nothing no matter which route you take.  i am headed to south lake tahoe to pick up fabric on the way home.  haven’t been that route, but talked to someone who travels it and been warned of a long stretch of nothing – make sure gas tank is full! ^_^  oh, and 2-lane road.  just as it is on 97 from i-5 to here.  (going 395 back).  ahhhh, the adventures of a roadie. ^_^

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