safe and sound – ok, not so sure about the sound part.  had a bad night due to the fact that mr pepe decided to stay away until waking me around 6:00 this morning.  i hate it when he does that.  i mean, doesn’t show up soon after i get home.  i always worry that something has happened to him while i’ve been gone.  or, he has traded me in on someone more available. ^_^

it was a very long drive home.  i had to come the longer way in order to stop in south lake tahoe to pickup fabric i had ordered thru the shop up there.  i didn’t have time to dilly dally, which meant no resting.  i left bend about 8:00am, stopped in k. falls only long enough to get directions and didn’t stop again until carson city – for gas.  “only” $4.09, wow, what a bargain.  yes, 50 cents per gallon does add up!   so, arrived in south lake just after 5:00.  went thru a mighty thunder storm in reno – very very heavy rain that turned to hail for a bit.  freeway flooded – the whole bit.  then ran into high winds.  and coming down around the lake – the rain again.  it was so weird – i mean raining so hard you could barely see and so much water on the street you couldn’t see the markings.  came around the corner of the lake and by the time i was back in calif – no sign of rain at all.  in fact, penny said, when i talked about the rain in reno, “it didn’t rain here”.  oh yeah, you just weren’t where i was!! ^_^  it is about 4 miles from the border to her shop on tahoe blvd.  amazing.  she admitted the lights had been flickering due to the lightening.

left there and headed out for the last hour drive to get here.  there is construction.  that held me up a bit and created a parade of cars all the way down the mountain.  not slow, and not bunched together – just many cars going the same way. ^_^  needless to say i was sooooo glad to see placerville exit!

i realized the mountain picture i put in here last time was really hard to see.  so here it is as processed the way i usually do.  i will use the thumbnail option in hopes that you can actually SEE the mountains.

this may not actually be any better.  oh well, still a pretty sunrise. ^_^

the next pictures are ones i just took.  deer.  and these two look like yearlings.  so, maybe she didn’t lose those twins, maybe they just stopped traveling with her???  definitely a male and female.  i used the setting on my camera that allows for rapid capture, so to speak.  (sports setting) so here are the 3 i got.  they are very skittish as you can see.  he came back a few minutes later and i tried it again.  not as successful.


                                     ok, tried to get them all in a row.  sometimes i do have trouble with the inserting.  and now i’ve lost the second one. grrrrr. see if i can put it here.

so, there you have it.  if you look closely you can see the female’s rear as she exits right.  he is gone down the hill, behind the tank. ^_^

and now i must see if i can accomplish something today.  do need to get ready for my 3 minutes on stage tomorrow at ncqc.  more about that tomorrow.

hmmm, heard that hawk screeching up there when i got home late yesterday.  there it is again.  sounds like someone blowing a whistle.  wonder what that’s about.

love and beauty