got several pictures of this lovely creature.  it seemed quite ok with me being there clicking away.

and speaking of critters and such – been a busy yard lately.  saw a fox walk across the other day – in broad daylight.  good size, too.  of course the deer have been very frequent visitors lately, tho not a sign of the twins again.  and the squirrels – my, my.  they normally stay in the trees and out of what we call ‘yard’ – still our property, but just wild.  sometimes they get close to my cottage up there and drop those huge pinecones on my roof!  these days they are coming all the way into the plum trees out front.  and this morning, there was one on my little porch!  headed for the fountain for a drink, i spect.  been very hot and dry!  the plum tree in front had very little left on it when i got back – way less than the other one.  i thought it was the lack of sun that was having them fall.  now i think it’s the squirrel taking them.  just saw him steal one a little bit ago. ^_^

and yesterday it was definitely ‘exciting’.  BIG brownish red dog in the yard.  thought it was the same one that shows up now and then, but he was acting quite different.  not as laid back and mellow.  and roxy definitely not just ‘ignoring’ him.  fortunately the little dogs were both in here.  his tongue was half the size of mocha’s whole body!  i went up to ‘help’ candace deal with him and realized it was NOT the same dog we usually see.  this one had been neutered and the one other is very obviously still intact.  this guy was being a bit of a pest.  candace tried calling the pound, didn’t have much luck getting to a live person, so decided to stop there on her way to the store.  the new building is essentially right down the hill behind me, and on placerville drive.  she called me from there saying they wanted me to ‘keep the dog here’ so they could ‘drive by’.  huh??  can’t even do that here – drive by, i mean.  at that point, i thought he had left.  saw him walk around here, and past the shed out back.  thought he had gone down the hill.  discovered him back on my front porch a few minutes later.  he had followed me down here and discovered the big drinking fountain – which he really wanted to get into!  hot!  ok, (already) long story shortened – i called, got to an agent and a little while later a woman ‘deputy’ (is that what they are?) came for him.  by then he had taken up residency by my fridge out there, so barked at her as she came down the path.  silly dog.  he left with her nicely.  not his first trip to the pound from what they told candace.  have conerns that if he gets loose again he might come back.  while he seems harmless i know how these little dogs are and he may not be as docile as the other one.  HE just completely ignores them.

beginning to feel like i live in a zoo. ^_^  beats the city any day!!!

love and beauty