just spent a harrowing few hours with this computer.  i was trying to clean up whatever had been slowing it down – was beginning to really bug me.  in the process it decided to just not hook itself to the internet, period.  grrrr.  i eventually found the right combination of repair, restart, shutdown, turnoff, unplug etc etc!  i was just trying to get online so i could reinstall the adaware program – the newer version.  my old one had stopped working over a year ago and i had never done anything about it.  after talking to brother, found out i had best dump the nonworking version and download newer version.  finally able to do that and i think it is a little faster now.  sure a lot cleaner, so to speak. ^_^

and now, i must get back to cutting.  at least i was able to keep doing that during the defrag and then the virus scan.  i think i have just one mini to cut – and probably need to do a quickie sample for it as i had to change the fabrics completely.

oh, and here’s the latest kit for #10.  rather like it.  first time done in greens.

well, that didn’t work.  tried two diferent times and just couldn’t download the image.  not sure what that’s about.  maybe i’ll try one i’ve already been able to bring in.  maybe it’s not my problem??

that didn’t work either so i will just quit trying for now.  seems not to be my day to mess with this dang thing.

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