enjoying having one more day than i thought.  it will be a long hard day when i do leave early thurs morning, so am doing my best to r&r.  ended up teaching the real class yesterday rather than just doing casual hints, etc.  two women from the sutter creek guild who can’t attend the guild class on aug 9th.  really nice to have the extra day after that as i hadn’t planned on being gone quite that long yesterday.

let’s see if i can insert that picture today –  of the new fused sample.

 ok, good to know it wasn’t a problem with my file.  anyway, never done this one in green before.  i like it a lot.  course, i am a green person. ^_^

ok, time to get crackin here.  will have to include a trip to carla’s house in my schedule.  she has finished the  simple(r) flowers 4 block wallhanging.  am very curious to see what she did.  this time i just let her do what she wanted – within my ‘known’ preferences, that is. ^_^

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