am doing my best to make the most of this day i didn’t think i had.  ok, mostly just taking it easy – and getting the last of the stuff together.  just took up the last tub and stuffed it into the van.  it’s a little tighter than usual in there.  have those 4 large boxes full of glass nailfiles taking up a big chunk of space.  hmm, i think i told her i was coming in on wed.  sure hope she didn’t get there today and panic.  didn’t take her very long to set up in bend, so i know she doesn’t need much time.  i plan to get there around noon and that will still leave 8 hrs for setup.  even i can do it in 8 hrs. ^_^

noticed the thistle had another visitor this morning, so took a picture.  once again, he (she?) was way too busy to worry about me and the camera.

ok, back to gathering things for the suitcase.  also must make a quick trip to the store and the bank.  not sure if i will walk today.  have been faithfully out there for about a week now, i think.  it does help when those negative thoughts try to drag you down that dark alley!!  for some reason that bad!!! show in bend had a major effect on me.  been tough to shake the ‘blues’ ever since. grrrr  am trusting that long beach will turn that right around!!  so,   see ya there!! ^_^

love and beauty