been home since about 5:30a.m. monday – long drive, with a stop to sleep a couple hours.  was truly falling asleep at the wheel by the time i got to sac.  turned off the highway and onto surface road in folsom area.  stopped in a shopping mall and got out to move a bit, then followed that road until i had to get back onto hwy 50.  from there on up the hill i was fine and it seemed to go very quickly. hmmm

as for the show – it was great.  i did very well and will definitely go back next year.  there were some problems – do not understand howcome convention centers have such godawful docks!  i mean, they really just don’t work!!  so setup and teardown were a bit of a deal for the vendors – i mean, i sat in line for over an hour just to get into dock area for setup – and that was afternoon of second day.  soooo, you can just imagine what it was like at the end when everyone was leaving at the same time.  i didn’t even bother!!  and that meant carting my stuff all the way back and across that huge room – just to get to the outside – and then thru the dock area and across the street (at least 5 lanes wide) into a small parking lot.  me and several other people!!  and, no, it was not all flat ground.  more than one load fell off a cart!  not mine tho.

as for attendees – well they had their own problems on friday due to the sheer numbers!!  city not quite expecting so many.  somewhat corrected on sat.  i spect they will know and do better next year!!

i am now preparing to head back down that way to yorba linda.  again be leaving wee hours on friday to arrive for setup at 1:00.  no rest for the weary, they say. ^_^

so here’s a picture i took last week – another visitor to the thistle.

only problem i’m gonna have is not allowing a million more of these to come up next year cause i know this one is gonna do some serious seed dropping!

love and beauty