July 2008

i have finished one more mini to frame.  had hoped to get 4 of them sent this time, but time has gotten away from me.  nothing new.  so, i will ship them today – given i get them framed in time.  otherwise, guess they will go tomorrow.

having said that – here is the picture and i must get back to it!  hopefully the mail person will not be here early today!  even so, i think i have about 1 1/2 hr. 

this one also went quickly, so will do another one soon.  perhaps not next, tho.  choosing fabrics for this one usually takes me longer than some of the others.  picky picky ^_^

gotta go!

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hard to complain about the smoke when i know there are folks who have lost everything (of a material nature, that is) and there is a whole town in danger!!  so, i am not complaining, just reporting.  it was clear yesterday when i headed down to high sierra (the quilt shop) – and smokey down there.  by the time i returned home, it had blown up here and beyond.  can definitely smell it today, altho our property doesn’t look so bad, yet.  can see it thru the trees, down the hill on placerville drive.  and there is still a breeze up here, so assuming still blowing where the fires are. 

 it is truly tinder dry everywhere in this state, i think.  i kind of freaked when i came home to discover tom and candace had run the mower out there!  and i didn’t see the hose stretched out and ready!!  yes, even running a lawn mower can spark a fire – and what they cut was certainly not green!!!

on a lighter note, this is a lovely ‘wild’ poppy i noticed growing in that mound garden.  i had planted a wild flower mixture in there earlier this year.  only one section made it to flowers as it’s the only section i was able to cover with some wire fencing.  no, not from the deer – from the cats!  as soon as i had worked up the dirt and planted – well, to them it looked just like a nice fresh litter box!  anyway, there’s a dense population of all kinds of little flowers growing in that one patch.  we’ll see what survives and returns next year.  i saw lupine leaves early on, they didn’t bloom.  there’s also some calif. poppy plants i can see which haven’t bloomed.

i took this because this kind of poppy is something i am considering doing for a new design.


i swear the smoke smell is getting worse even in this short time as i am writing. hmmm, i have clothes on the line.  perhaps they won’t smell as fresh as usual!!!

ok, need to get back to folding and stuffing.  i have been able to make some real progress yesterday and today.  good thing, as i am just about out of time.  which is how it usually works.  i piddle around and act befuddled until it gets down to the wire and then i get focused and just do it.  typical human. ^_^

love and beauty   www.artfullyapplique.com

hmmm  they all seem just the same to me – i’m either on the road working or at home working.  but then, i only work at what i love to do, so probably should find another name for it. ^_^

i got the first two mini’s sent off to the san jose quilt museum – and she liked them.  yea!  i have now completed two more.  did the same design twice cause when i did the first one i realized it was a really easy and quick one to do.  am trying to get a few to her right away, so that seemed a good idea.  turns out they are similar in color as well.  i like them both.

         well, the last time i tried to do left and right it didn’t work like this.  i never know quite what to expect with inserting the pictures.  must be something i’m doing.  


guess we will go to the fairgrounds for the fireworks later.  haven’t talked to anybody up there.  we usually go just a little before.  it’s the getting back home part that takes forever.  it’s all of about 5 min away – 1min, if i were a crow!  but getting home can take 30 min if you make the wrong choice – which we (I?) did last year.  i think i will keep my mouth shut this time. ^_^

did finally get up to those tubs and do that kit count.  have a little better idea what i really really need before bend.  sooo, will be getting to that now.  i need some of the iris, and they have beads included, so will at least get those counted and bagged.  ok, don’t actually count them (used to), just try to put the same amount in each bag.  i think i still have 8 kits cut and ready, so will probably just fold those, for now.  sure wish i knew what to ‘expect’.  but, even if i could count on a gazillion people buying – still don’t know which ones will be the most popular.  it changes every show.  best i can do, if i run out, is offer to ship.  that usually works.  not like she’s gonna rush home and start on it tomorrow!  more like i’ll see her next year somewhere and hear how it’s not even started, yet! ^_^

happy 4th to you and yours.

love and beauty   www.artfullyapplique.com

just one week to get myself ready for bend, oregon.  however, today i am going to spend my time getting another mini started.  and here’s the picture of the second one.  i shipped them both to the museum yesterday, so she should have them today.  sure hope she likes them!!!  while i won’t be getting as much for each one as when i sell them myself – i am hoping there is sufficient volume to make it ok.  not to mention great ‘exposure’!

      i am planning to stick to the simpler ones for now – hoping to be able to get more done that way.  while they all go pretty fast, some of them do have a lot of pieces and can take longer.

my plan is to sew for most of the day and then to do some fabric folding while vegging in front of hgtv this evening.  tomorrow i will once again attempt to do an inventory of the kits that will allow me to really know what the heck i have!  for some reason i just haven’t gotten myself organized enough in that area.  it is because there are 3 different stages to consider.  there are the show tubs, which (obviously) need to be kept ‘stocked’.  and there are actually 2 different ones – well, 4, no 5, really.  for each of the two main series (ancient art & nearly nouveau) there is a tub that contains both kits and patterns.  then, there is a single tub that holds the ‘extra’ kits for both.  in addition, there’s also a tub for the simply flowers line – that has both patterns and kits in it.  oh, and then there is the tub with the mini’s.  PLUS, there are additional extra kits stored in the garage.

ok, all of that is for ‘finished’ kits.  then there is the new filing system in here that contains all the kits that i’ve cut and not yet folded and stuffed into bags along with their patterns (and, thus, ‘finished’).  it’s very good to know what i have so i don’t spend time cutting what i don’t really need! (just did that for one!)

soooo, i have now decided that my old brain really needs the ‘at home’ inventory (both cut and finished) on a separate sheet from the ‘show’ inventory!!  i am hoping that will allow me to keep better track of where the heck i am – inventory wise! ( i think the hard drive between my ears is getting overfull. ^_^  )

so, tomorrow i will first reorganize those show tubs – again.  and refill as i can.  then, i will once again count what’s (left) in the garage and also record at least a rough number of what has been cut.

sounds like a plan to me!

love and beauty   www.artfullyapplique.com

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